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Scholarships.com Email Campaigns

Scholarships.com offers customized email marketing to better target and channel our audience to you. Our user database is a 100% opt-in, self-reported source of students, young adults & parents searching the internet for college scholarships, education loans & other financial aid information. These registered users are high school, college-bound, college and graduate students and parents that complete a personal profile questionnaire volunteering very rich demographic, geographic & psychographic information. This profile, containing specific skills & interests is then matched to a database of college scholarship, grants & student loan consolidation.


Email Campaign Requirements

Campaign Details

To get started, provide the general premise of the campaign, including: who, what, when, and audience size.

Target Audience

Provide the key details of your intended target audience. For a full list of available demographic filters and criteria, please click here.

Target Audience Size

Specify the exact quantity of records/names required for your campaign.

Creative Assets

The marketing copy is the most critical component of a campaign, including these required components:

Opt-Out Language and Unsubscribe Link

In order to comply with anti-spam laws, all emails "double opt-out" and must include opt-out language as well as an active link that recipients can use to unsubscribe from future campaigns. Scholarships.com can host an opt-out language/unsubscribe link for an additional cost.

Unsubscribe/Opt-Out/Suppression File

A .txt or .csv file of users who have previously unsubscribed and who will be suppressed from the campaign.

"Seed" File

A list of email recipients who receive a test version of the campaign, sent prior to the final deployment; can also be included on the final deployment. Please submit in .txt or .csv format.

Image Hosting

Scholarships.com will host the images at no additional charge.

Campaign Live Performance Tracking

Scholarships.com offers comprehensive live online reporting, bringing transparency and success for your email campaigns. All clients are provided a unique username and password to gain unlimited access to our client Email Campaign Tracking portal.

Email Content Suggestions for a Successful Campaign


  • Provide a shorter, more succinct subject line that's easier to process and more inbox-friendly.
  • Provide a topic that states urgency, curiosity and intrigue to increase opens.
  • Personalize your emails, such as a first or full name. Include whitespace around it.
  • Use emojis or other symbols to increase open rates. Experian reported 56% of brands using emoji in their email subject lines had a higher unique open rate.
  • Organize your email content in a purposeful order for better engagement.
  • Keep total image size for all files in the email under 300K.

Do Not

  • Do not use all caps or excessive exclamation points
  • Do not use a question and exclamation in the same link
  • Do not use a single large image with embedded text for your email; at least 65% to 70% of the creative should be actual text.
  • Do not use Flash, Audio or Javascript.
  • Do not provide an image width larger than 600px to ensure the entire email is visible, whether being viewed on a computer or (more likely) a mobile device.

Campaign Timing

Campaigns can be turned around same-day if all campaign assets are provided upfront, or can be scheduled for a future date per client request.

Last Reviewed: February 2021