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Stephan Piscano Scholarship


December 30, 2019

Awards Available: 1

  • Scholarship Description
  • The Stephan Piscano Scholarship fund is not accepting donations, and is not an active charity. This is a private scholarship offered by the Piscano family to help people achieve their goals in life. The scholarship is awarded once per year in March. The proceeds granted to the scholarship winner can be applied towards education or towards the purchase of a first time residence, or business purchase.
    As a young entrepreneur from humble beginnings Stephan is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs realize their goals and dreams. We also realize that there are many paths to achieve ones goals, thus the scholarship funds are not solely available for education.
  • Contact
  • Stephan Piscano
  • 952 school street
  • Suite 110
  • Napa, CA 94559
  • stephan@stephanpiscano.com
  • 951-406-8139

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