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Band to Messiah College: “No Gay? No Play”

Band to Messiah College: “No Gay? No Play”
Susan Dutca-Lovell

Pop-punk band Diet Cig has canceled its scheduled appearance at Messiah College due to the college's "really serious anti-LGBT policies." The band has stated they have "no desire to support or benefit from an institution that discriminates against LGBT students/faculty/staff."

The band cited a passage in the student handbook that reads: "students who experience same-sex attraction or identify as gay or lesbian are expected to refrain from 'same-sex sexual expression' as it is embodied in culturally contextual practices (e.g., identifying as a couple or exhibiting expressions of physical intimacy)." Furthermore, heterosexual couples are expected to refrain from sexual intimacy as well, but are permitted to openly date.

Messiah College had given information to Diet Cig about the college's "ethos and values" in its contract and added that "in today's pluralistic society, we understand that there are many who do not share the college's traditional Christian perspective on human sexuality. In that regard, the college certainly respects Diet Cig's right to disagree with our position, and to decline our offer to perform here. It is our hope that these types of situations build a stronger mutual understanding and respect of each other's values and convictions."

There has been a cascade of canceled performances and speeches across U.S. college and university campuses this year and this is not the first time musicians have spoken out against a college's same-sex policies. Singer-songwriter Josh Ritter has similarly protested and refuses to play at the college "unless it changes its policy against homosexual behavior."

Comments (6)
bufard c 12/21/2017
So a punk band won't play at a Christian college because they support gaymont rights that Christians are against so what is the problem u can find other places to play maybe no get the attention but glad school stood up
Riley 11/29/2017
Well Done, Messiah College. Do not conform to the patterns of the world, for though we are in the world we are not of it. Stand strong and fight the enemy who seeks to destroy and manipulate the truth and your faith. Many have fallen and disaster is soon to follow them. Don't give away Jesus's sacrifice and your salvation for anything or anyone. I am a university senior of Rowan U and there is nothing in this world to gain in exchange for my soul. The loss is not mine, but theirs.
Rose H. 11/28/2017
I’m proud of this band!!
Chris Taylor 11/28/2017
There is an omission in the reporting that I think is important. Heterosexual students are also asked to refrain from sexual activity. It's a "don't fornicate" policy regardless of sexual orientation.
Starbuck S 11/28/2017
Good for you! Anything against LGBTQ is against anything I stand for.
Christopher Van Dell 11/28/2017
I agree and support the college's view on LGBT policies. This is a private christian college that stands on their foundations of Biblical truth. The Pop-punk band is just for entertainment and is not a necessary part of college education and would only distract from said education.
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