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2020 College In Congress News Articles
Senator Outlines Student Loan Relief in New Proposal July 30, 2020
Paying for College during Coronavirus June 26, 2020
Will You Pay Tax on Your Scholarships? June 5, 2020
Stimulus Aid for Beauty Schools, Cosmetology Students April 23, 2020
Need to Appeal Your Financial Aid Package? Here's a New Tool April 16, 2020
Coronavirus News Update for Students, Families, Colleges March 31, 2020
Coronavirus Impact on SAT, ACT, and AP Testing March 26, 2020
Coronavirus Stimulus Package: Higher Ed Edition March 24, 2020
College and the Coronovirus: What Students, Families Should Know March 19, 2020
StudentAid.gov Debuts New Online Tools February 25, 2020
Student Loan Debt Forgiveness for U.S. Military Veterans February 4, 2020
2019 College In Congress News Articles
Plans to Tackle Student Loan Debt in 2020 December 30, 2019
PBS Airs Documentary About Higher Ed in Prison September 18, 2019
$43M in Loans Forgiven for Students of Closed Colleges September 6, 2019
Education Department Beats out Debt Collectors in Student Loan Collection Battle August 6, 2019
Proposed Pell Grant Expansion for Short-Term Training Programs July 9, 2019
Apprenticeships No Longer Just for "Blue Collar" Employment June 25, 2019
Warren Pitches Loan Forgiveness, Free College Education April 23, 2019
Education Dept. to Rewrite the 2016 Loan Rule Overhaul January 22, 2019
2018 College In Congress News Articles
New Title IX Proposal a Victory for Due Process? November 20, 2018
College Students Expected to Vote in Record Numbers in Midterm Election November 6, 2018
Gainful Employment Giving Way to "Transparency for All Colleges"? August 14, 2018
2017 College In Congress News Articles
Senate Bill to Make College Affordable and Accessible for Homeless, Foster Care Youth September 13, 2017
House Passes New GI Bill Benefits July 25, 2017
International Students Impacted by Partial Travel Ban June 27, 2017
Department of Education Seeking Single Loan Servicer May 23, 2017
Another Governor Pushing for Free College Tuition? January 17, 2017
2016 College In Congress News Articles
Clinton's "Free" College a Bailout of a Failed System? August 23, 2016
Foreign Students to Face Ideological Test for Entry into U.S? August 16, 2016
University to Allow College Students to Carry Guns on Campus August 2, 2016
Free College Scholarships July 7, 2016
Clinton Sidesteps Email Scandal, Proposes Free College July 6, 2016
POTUS' Daughter to Attend Harvard University after Gap Year May 3, 2016
Parents, Students Paying $1.5 Billion A Year for Remedial College Courses April 12, 2016
Talk is Cheap. College Isn't. February 23, 2016
Undocumented Students Fighting for More Financial Aid, Scholarships February 16, 2016
Student Federal Aid to Blame for Increasing Tuition Costs? February 9, 2016
February is Financial Aid Awareness Month February 4, 2016
Two For-Profits Accused of Scamming Students, Won't Get Funding February 2, 2016
Pell Grants for Prisoners? Obama Says Yes January 28, 2016
2015 College In Congress News Articles
Pay Attention to Big Changes in FAFSA, 529s, Financial Aid December 28, 2015
Armed and Studious - Guns to be Allowed in Texas University Classrooms December 15, 2015
Should Political Correctness Trump Personal Opinion? October 6, 2015
80 Prestige Schools Team up to Redesign Common Application September 29, 2015
Fixing FAFSA: Acquiring Financial Aid to be Easier, Quicker September 25, 2015
Convict Education 101: College in Prison funded through Pell Grants August 4, 2015
Obama Modern Day Robin Hood? Steal from the Hardworking, Give to the Poor July 10, 2015
College President Bans School-Funded Travel to Indiana March 31, 2015
Obama Hears Our Plea, Drops Proposal to Raise Taxes on 529 Savings Plans February 3, 2015
What Colleges Can Expect from Congress in 2015 January 21, 2015
President Obama Proposes Free Community College January 13, 2015
2014 College In Congress News Articles
Department of Defense Supplying College Campuses with Military-Grade Equipment September 11, 2014
Professor Shoots Himself in the Foot...Literally September 5, 2014
Understanding Obama’s New Student Loan Plan August 15, 2014
President Obama Uses Executive Action to Push Student Loan Forgiveness June 20, 2014
Student Debt Forgiveness Programs Skyrocket May 6, 2014
Colleges that Produced the Most Current Members of Congress February 20, 2014
Colleges Accused of Misleading Students About Financial Aid Applications February 7, 2014
2013 College In Congress News Articles
Federal Incentives for Aid September 9, 2013
Why Single-Sex Colleges are Worth Considering September 3, 2013
For Some, "Pay it Forward" A Step Backward August 22, 2013
Merkley's "Pay it Forward" Guaranteed College Affordability Act August 20, 2013
Obama Signs Student Loan Deal August 19, 2013
Study: Pell Grant Restrictions Affect Enrollment at Community Colleges in the South February 13, 2013
2012 College In Congress News Articles
Duncan to College Applicants: "Shop Around" July 3, 2012
Romney on College Costs March 6, 2012
Obama Grants NCLB Waivers to 10 States February 10, 2012
The President on Education January 25, 2012
2011 College In Congress News Articles
Study Reveals College Graduates Are Ill-Prepared for the Workforce December 6, 2011
The Fight Against Federal Student Aid Fraud October 21, 2011
Debt Deal Not So for Graduate Students August 2, 2011
Debt-Ceiling Deal Spares Pell Grant Program August 1, 2011
Fees Fatten College Costs July 28, 2011
Department of Ed Demands Special Reports for Tuition Increases July 1, 2011
Ed Secretary Duncan: “DREAM Act Would Benefit Our Country” June 29, 2011
DREAM Act Supporters to Obama: Quit Campaigning If You Won’t Deliver May 20, 2011
Arizona Governor Vetoes Bill Allowing Guns on Campus April 19, 2011
Campus Safety, Are Guns the Answer? April 7, 2011
What Ever Happened to No Takesy Backsies? April 6, 2011
GOP Congressman: Pell Grants are Becoming ‘The Welfare of the 21st Century’ April 4, 2011
2010 College In Congress News Articles
Obama Extends an "Opportunity" to College Students October 13, 2010
Keeping it All in the Family October 1, 2010
Save the Perkins! September 23, 2010
Congress Approves Aid for States Struggling with Budget Cuts August 11, 2010
For-Profit Colleges Face More Challenges August 4, 2010
New Education Department Rule Targets For-Profit Colleges July 23, 2010
Senate Approves Bill to Protect Against Lending Abuses July 16, 2010
Legislators Ask for Analysis of For-Profit Colleges June 22, 2010
Higher Ed Group Slams Proposals for Three-Year Degrees June 3, 2010
Should More Changes Follow Switch to Direct Loans Program? May 14, 2010
Student Loan Bill May Become Part of Health Care Package March 12, 2010
Credit Card Act Goes into Effect Monday February 19, 2010
White House Proposes Federal Budget Freeze January 27, 2010
Obama Proposes More Generous Loan Repayment Plan January 26, 2010
2009 College In Congress News Articles
5 Percent in Congress Never Graduated from College December 30, 2009
Report Analyzes State of Latinos in Higher Education December 16, 2009
New Rules for Private Loans in House Financial Bill December 15, 2009
Three-Year Default Rates Show Difficulty of Student Loan Repayment December 14, 2009
Yes, Congress Pays Attention to College Football December 10, 2009
Congress Considers Increased Student Loan Oversight December 3, 2009
Health Care Bill Sparks Discussion on Need for More Doctors November 13, 2009
Student Loan Debate Continues as Legislation Languishes behind Health Bill November 12, 2009
Senator Continues to Push "Three-Year Solution" October 22, 2009
Current Health Care Proposals Lack Provisions for College Students October 14, 2009
Student Loan Bill Meeting Challenges Before Senate Vote September 28, 2009
Student Loan Bill Passes in House September 18, 2009
House Votes on Student Loan Bill Today September 17, 2009
Student Loan Default Rates Continue to Rise September 15, 2009
Sen. Edward Kennedy Leaves Mark on Higher Education August 26, 2009
House Introduces Student Aid Bill July 16, 2009
Doubt Lingers Over New GI Benefits As August 1 Start Date Approaches July 14, 2009
U.S. Bank Exits FFELP July 10, 2009
Obama Signs HEA Technical Corrections Legislation July 7, 2009
Education Secretary Duncan Proposes Changes to FAFSA June 24, 2009
Department of Education Names New Student Loan Servicers June 18, 2009
Congress Holds Hearing on Lender Subsidies May 22, 2009
Students Encouraged to Write to Congress about Student Loans May 6, 2009
Congress Working on Credit Card Legislation April 30, 2009
Student Loan Debate Heats Up April 28, 2009
Obama Signs National Service Bill April 22, 2009
House and Senate Pass 2010 Budget Outlines April 3, 2009
House Votes to Postpone PLUS Auction April 1, 2009
Student Loan Default Rate Rose in 2008 March 27, 2009
House Passes National Service Bill March 19, 2009
Senate Passes 2009 Appropriations Bill March 11, 2009
The State of Federal Student Financial Aid March 3, 2009
Yet Another Boost to Pell Grants in 2010 Budget Proposal February 27, 2009
House Approves 2009 Appropriations Bill February 26, 2009
Obama Urges Americans to Attend College February 25, 2009
Most Stimulus Jobs Require Postsecondary Education February 24, 2009
House Passes Economic Stimulus Bill February 13, 2009
House and Senate Reach Compromise on Stimulus February 12, 2009
Student Loan Rescue Plan to Move into Next Phase in February January 30, 2009
Both House and Senate Include Higher Ed in Stimulus Bills January 27, 2009
Draft of House Stimulus Package Revealed January 16, 2009
Academic Competitiveness and SMART Grants More Popular, Still Underused January 15, 2009
Senate Holds Confirmation Hearing for Arne Duncan January 14, 2009
Obama Transitional Website Seeks Comments on College Affordability January 7, 2009
2008 College In Congress News Articles
Another Stimulus Request from Higher Ed December 16, 2008
Groups Call for Economic Stimulus for Student Aid December 12, 2008
Treasury to Aid Private Student Lenders November 26, 2008
Election Results and Higher Education November 5, 2008
Election Day Roundup: Education Issues at Stake in '08 November 4, 2008
State Governors Request Maintenance of Effort Waiver October 31, 2008
More Colleges Turn To Direct Loans September 30, 2008
Pell Funding, Education Tax Credits Still Up in the Air As Congress Breaks for Election September 26, 2008
Pell Grants Face a Potential $6 Billion Budget Shortfall September 18, 2008
House Votes to Extend ECASLA September 17, 2008
Endowment Spending Transparency Advocated in Senate Finance Committee Hearing September 9, 2008
Bush Signs HEA Reauthorization August 15, 2008
Congress Passes Higher Education Act August 1, 2008
Conference Committee Approves Higher Education Act July 30, 2008
Financial Aid Administrators Concerned About Loan Crunch July 23, 2008
Textbooks To Become More Affordable July 22, 2008
Bush Approves College Financial Aid Bill for Veterans July 1, 2008
Pell Grant Increase Approved by Senate Panel June 26, 2008
House of Representatives, White House Agree on College GI Bill June 19, 2008
President Wants Financial Aid Transferability Provision in GI Bill June 6, 2008
Senate Passes Bill Boosting Veteran College Aid May 23, 2008
House Passes Tuition Bill for Veterans May 16, 2008
Veteran Aid Proves Insufficient for College Education May 9, 2008
President Signs Student Loan Access Bill May 8, 2008
Congress Approves Aid to Student Lenders May 2, 2008
Sallie Mae Seeks Financial Support from the Government April 22, 2008
Bill to Aid Lenders Passed by House April 18, 2008
Department of Education Issues Overview, Requests Plans for Lender of Last Resort March 28, 2008
Conflicting Provisions Hurt No Child Left Behind March 26, 2008
Senate Committee Approves Bill to Boost Study-Abroad Funding February 19, 2008
Mixed Reviews for Presidential Budget February 5, 2008
House Wants Textbook Prices Monitored January 31, 2008
Bush Calls on Congress to Cut Earmarks January 29, 2008
2007 College In Congress News Articles
Congress Proposes Financial Aid Cuts December 18, 2007
House Passes Higher Education Act Renewal November 20, 2007
College Cost Reduction and Access Act Officially an Act September 28, 2007
President Bush to Sign College Cost Reduction and Access Act September 17, 2007
Compromise Reached on Subsidy Cuts in Student Loan Industry September 6, 2007