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College Admission Information

The college admissions process is more competitive than ever as students are applying to more schools, taking the SAT and ACT multiple times and relying more heavily on scholarships and other financial aid to help them pay for school. With increasingly stiff competition and high stakes, students need all the assistance they can get when it comes to choosing a college and applying for admission. Free information abounds online but high school students may not know where to start looking or even what to look for to help them prepare for college. Drawing on our knowledge, experience and research we’ve put together a library of resources to help students navigate college admissions from the very start of college planning to the end of the college application process.

Standardized Testing

The most well-known and well-lamented aspect of the college application process seems to be standardized testing. The prospect of three-plus hours of filling in bubbles is enough to fill most college hopefuls with dread and the knowledge of how much is riding on the score can make test anxiety even worse than usual. Standardized test preparation can help students overcome test anxiety and raise their test scores, potentially helping them secure a better college placement or a more generous financial aid package. The standardized testing resources on help students begin the process of preparing for their testing day regardless of which test they’re taking. Here, your students can find overviews, sample questions and tips from members of our staff who have had positive standardized testing experiences. We also provide regular updates on standardized testing news on our blog.

High School Action Plan

High school students may see attending college and winning scholarships as ultimate goals but they may not always know how to reach those goals. As you’re well aware, making and sticking to a plan of action can help high school students realize their college goals. We’ve prepared a high school action plan for freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors to keep them on track for graduation and college admissions. Included are when they should meet with their college counselor, what they should discuss, and what they should be doing academically and in their extracurricular activities to stand out on college and scholarship applications.

College Prep

Preparing for college goes beyond scoring well on standardized tests and taking challenging classes while participating in athletics, community service or other extracurricular activities. An overwhelming amount of questioning and choice is involved in college preparation: Students will not only have to make the right college choice but also choose a college major. Many of them may even have to decide whether or not to go to college at all. To help students prepare for college life and navigate the decisions they need to make to set and ultimately reach their college goals, we have a wide range of college prep materials available on our site. We have information on preparing for college, applying for college, choosing a major, choosing the right school and even succeeding in college classes. Students can also check out the information we provide on study skills and campus life, as these pages can help answer questions about college and present students with more questions to ask themselves, their counselors and others to help them get ready for college. Our goal is to help students become more engaged in their college preparation and to enable them to plan for and create success in their lives after college.

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