NAAMLP Land Reclamation Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

NAAMLP is a non-profit, professional organization that promotes the reclamation and restoration of lands affected by abandoned mining throughout the nation. The $2,500 NAAMLP Scholarship is to assist in the education of students whose intention is to work as scientists, engineers or technicians in the field of mine land reclamation.

Scholarship Details

  • $2,500 scholarship for students in mine land reclamation fields.
  • Awards for undergraduate and graduate students across different U.S. regions.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students studying mine land reclamation sciences, engineering, environmental studies, agriculture or related majors.
  • Undergraduates and graduates from specified U.S. regions are eligible.

Application Process

  1. Submit the scholarship application by the deadline.
  2. Provide a narrative describing your demonstrated commitment to the reclamation and restoration of lands affected by abandoned mining.
  3. Provide a statement of your intended career.
  4. Provide a narrative describing your current level of education and educational history.
  5. Provide a statement of intent to complete education in the field of mine reclamation or related area such as biological, physical or environmental science; mining, engineering, or related majors.

The NAAMLP Scholarship aims to encourage and support future professionals in mine land reclamation, contributing to environmental restoration. Scholarship Search