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Spirit of Ramanujan STEM Talent Initiative


March 01, 2020

Awards Available: 50

  • Scholarship Description
  • The Spirit of Ramanujan Scholarship was created to honor the legacy of Srinivasa Ramanujan. The Spirit of Ramanujan STEM Talent Initiative supports emerging engineers, mathematicians, and scientists who lack traditional institutional support through financial grants and mentorship opportunities. The scholarship is open to students from high school through college ages who live anywhere in the world. Winners of this international talent search receive up to $5,000 to fund participation in research programs around the world or individual research with an approved sponsor. For more information, or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's website.
  • Contact
  • Scholarship Committee
  • 400 Dowman Drive
  • Emory University Department of Math and Science
  • Atlanta, GA 30322
  • ken.ono@emoryuniversity.edu
  • 404-727-5120

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Zachary T  on 1/25/2020 1:47:01 PM

I applied for this scholarship. I am applying for this scholarship because I want to be able to get a Masters Degree or Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and help as many people as possible.

Veronica C  on 1/18/2020 3:53:05 PM

I applied for this scholarship because I want to major in Chemistry and I do not have the financial support from family to afford college and I would put this money to great use for college.

ishan c  on 1/9/2020 12:12:22 AM

I am applying for this scholarship because I want to major in astrophysics. This scholarship will help me to fulfil my dream.

Stephanie P  on 1/8/2020 8:34:37 PM

I applied because I have plans to go to graduate school and I will need a lot if help paying for my tuition. I have good grades and I have a good chance of winning this scholarship. I would like to get it because my parents will not be able to pay for all my schooling after high school and it would really take a great burden off my parents if I won this scholarship. I am very responsible student and I will put this money to a great use. Please consider me for this scholarship.

Oluwatomilola E  on 1/4/2020 8:11:47 PM

I'm applying for this scholarship because I know my purpose for studying my major and need the funds to remain in school to make my goals come true.

Brittney P  on 12/31/2019 11:24:24 PM

I applied for this scholarship to help me accomplish my dream of being a nurse.

Kehlin F  on 12/31/2019 7:08:43 PM

I really want to go to college and in order to do that I just need a little bit of money. I don't want my parents to have to stress about my college funds. They don't have that much money also.

Oluwatomilola E  on 12/30/2019 8:49:28 PM

I'm applying for this scholarship because I know my purpose for studying my major and need the funds to remain in school to make my goals come true.

Matthew L  on 12/24/2019 8:12:41 AM

I applied for this scholarship so that I may pursue my dreams of becoming an engineer after realising my passion through my robotics team at my school.

Samuel O  on 12/23/2019 1:27:22 PM

I applied for the scholarship because it would help me pursue and get my engineering degree.

Ali S  on 12/23/2019 1:02:52 PM

I am applying for this scholarship because I am interested in the field of Mathmatics.

Samuel O  on 12/22/2019 7:30:37 PM

I applied for this scholarship because my passion is to be a successful engineer by creating a product from another existing product. Yes, I am also doing it for the tuition fees because University life is a hustle, unlike community colleges. Doing research, brainstorming, creativity, and innovation is what I love doing as an individual. My major is Electrical Engineering and My minor is Chemical engineering. Electrical Engineering is broad which involves Networking, Communication, Power(physical electronics). One needs to be good at both theoretical and practical aspects. For Chemical Engineering you need to be good at math, physics, and chemistry which is also related to Electrical Engineering. I believe if I do all it takes as a student both practically and theoretically I would do academically well and Get the scholarship.

Kaitlyn R  on 12/17/2019 10:01:50 AM

This sparked interest in mathematics!

Maya W  on 12/11/2019 4:23:44 PM

I applied for this scholarship because I am interested in the field of Psychiatry. I am a minority female and I feel I would be a great addition to the field of medicine in this concentration.

Kaylee H  on 12/10/2019 12:10:31 PM

I applied for this scholarship because I think that I would be the recipient you are looking for. I am interested in psychology research. I have a strong liking for science and would you this scholarship to the best of my abilities to become successful and fulfill my dream of studying and researching science.

Jane H  on 11/22/2019 4:12:24 AM

I applied for this scholarship because it is good match for my interest in engineering.

Caleb E  on 11/14/2019 10:22:11 AM

great scholarship!

Destanee F  on 10/31/2019 7:50:15 PM

I would be forever so grateful and. thankful if I were to receive this scholarship. I do not have the finances to support my dream of becoming a mid wife. Since my mother just recently past I will not be able to get any free money so any scholarships will help! This would indeed help since I am going to school full time and paying out of pocket for school.

Sausha L  on 10/4/2019 11:36:56 PM

I would be forever grateful if I were to receive this scholarship. I do not have the finances to support my dream of becoming a nurse. This would indeed help pay off the loans my parents took out to get me through my first semester of college.

Olivia B  on 8/14/2019 10:39:15 AM

Hi Chris. I just tried what you did and it closes the window, but should open a new one on your browser. Here's the final link: https://www.mathprograms.org/db/programs/715

Chris T  on 8/14/2019 10:32:02 AM

I would love to apply for this scholarship unfortunately I have been unable to based on the fact that every time I click on apply it closes my window.

Leonce D  on 12/19/2018 4:12:17 PM

I have always admired the genius of Ramanujan and the incredible work he did in mathematics . I love maths and even though an engineer i will still persue my passion for mathematics and will and my goal is to solve is solve one of Riemann's Hypothesis in Number Theory

Coleen M  on 11/8/2018 10:56:30 AM

I would be honored to be the recipient of this scholarship because it will help me finish school and help my parents pay off their bills. It would also provide an extremely valuable research opportunity for me to learn from researchers that can explain their work.

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