Brent Strohmeyer Memorial Foundation Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

In loving memory of Brent Strohmeyer, the Brent Strohmeyer Memorial Scholarship serves as a tribute to a young enthusiast who had an unwavering passion for the automotive hobby. Brent, son of Russ and Margie Strohmeyer, tragically lost his life at the age of 20 in an auto accident on September 6, 2001. His love for classic cars, particularly his Hugger Orange '69 Chevelle, lives on through this scholarship.

About Brent Strohmeyer:

• Brent was an active participant in the automotive hobby, attending car shows and cruise-ins with his beloved '69 Chevelle. • He possessed a deep appreciation for classic cars and believed in their restoration, maintenance, and active use. • Brent was not only a car enthusiast but also a gifted artist, often expressing his love for automobiles through his drawings.

Scholarship Details:

• Annual Fund: The scholarship fund, amounting to $2,000.00, is raised annually through sponsorships, donations, t-shirt sales, and raffles at the Stro's Wednesday Nite Cruise-Ins at the Stayton A&W. • Purpose: The scholarship aims to honor Brent's life, promote the automotive hobby, and support students in their educational pursuits.

Eligibility and Application:

• Interested applicants are encouraged to apply for the Brent Strohmeyer Memorial Scholarship. • The application process, outlined in the Scholarship Application (available in MS Word or Adobe PDF), provides details on eligibility criteria, the selection process, scholarship amount, and more.

Stro's Wednesday Nite Cruise-Ins:

• The scholarship fund is sustained through the Stro's Wednesday Nite Cruise-Ins, held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month from June to September at the Stayton A&W. • Participants, regardless of whether their ride is finished or a work in progress, are invited to join and contribute to the celebration of Brent's life.

Continuing the Tradition: With the support of sponsors and fellow car enthusiasts, the Brent Strohmeyer Memorial Foundation is committed to upholding the tradition of honoring Brent, fostering the automotive hobby, and providing scholarships to students pursuing education.

Celebrating Brent's Legacy: Brent's legacy lives on through the shared love of cars and trucks. The scholarship serves as a meaningful tribute, ensuring that his passion and spirit continue to inspire future generations.

The Brent Strohmeyer Memorial Scholarship is an opportunity to celebrate a life cut short but whose impact on the automotive community and beyond remains enduring. Applicants are invited to apply and be part of the legacy of a young enthusiast who found joy in the world of classic cars. Scholarship Search