Saint Robert Bellarmine Fund Scholarship

January 31, 2025
Awards Available: 10

Scholarship Description

The Saint Robert Bellarmine Fund was founded by and is currently handled by Justin Bailey, Andres Donovan, and Matthew Uzdavinis. The Saint Robert Bellarmine Fund is a fund that functions within The Bailey Family Foundation. The foundation was established on May 8, 1997 by Ron Bailey to improve the availability and quality of post-secondary education. The Saint Robert Bellarmine Fund is one of the various programs that the Bailey Family Foundation Administers.

The Saint Robert Bellarmine Fund Scholarship is an opportunity for Catholic students who plan on attending a Catholic university/college that is listed on the Newman Guide. The scholarship is worth a grand total of $32,000 which would be divided amongst four years for a total of $8,000/year. This financial aid would be applied directly to the student account of each recipient of our scholarship. We're looking for Catholic students who want to attend an authentic and faithful Catholic school for the sake of pursuing divine truth and grace in order to become a Catholic leader in the Church and in society. Students who are looking to use their gifts for the sake of building up the Kingdom of God are encouraged to apply. Scholarship Search