The Jacob Pierri Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Scholarship Description

To be eligible for The Jacob Pierri Memorial Scholarship Fund, applicants must: reside within the State of New Jersey; plan to attend or attend a four year accredited college or university; major in Culinary Arts, Hospitality or Mathematics; have at least a grade point average of a 3.5 or better; and have worked and/or participated in community service. Award amounts will vary by year to year, and applications run from December up until the due date.

The applications will be judged, in order of importance, based upon the following criteria: enthusiasm and passion; financial need; grade point average; community service; and extracurricular activities. The fund was established to honor Jacob Pierri and to commemorate and support the causes to which he was committed to and excelled at. Through this scholarship fund, Jake will continue to contribute to help others grow and flourish through the pursuit of their education. Scholarship Search