The Royal Brougham Foundation Scholarship

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April 30, 2025
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

The Royal Brougham Foundation Scholarship exists to assist Christian young people who attend Christian educational institutions by providing grants to assist with the costs of higher education. Consideration will be given to special circumstances where needed classes cannot be obtained at Christian schools. To be eligible, you must be planning to attend a university in the coming school year that is a member or an affiliate of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities.

Factors Considered: Personal Christian experience as evidenced through experience and observation of others; Field of study (Priority given to those majoring in Christian service); Family situation – Priority given if parents are in full-time Christian service. Are any siblings also attending Christian schools?; Other grants or scholarships – What other financial assistance will they be receiving? The award amounts vary according to the amount available and the number of qualified applicants. If you are selected as a grant recipient, you will be notified of the amount in your award letter.

Decisions will be made by the committee in mid-May and award letters will be sent out. Grant checks will be mailed directly to the educational institution. Should you decide not to attend the college listed on your application and an award has been made to you, it is your responsibility to notify the scholarship committee. This change may or may not affect your eligibility to receive the scholarship originally awarded to you. Scholarship Search