Dr. Bomi Joseph Healthcare Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

Dr. Bomi Joseph has dedicated his career to finding alternatives to medical establishments and pharmaceutical drugs. He is at the forefront of the bio-hacking movement and since 1984 he has been promoting the medicinal properties of plants and trying to lessen the public’s dependence on pharmaceuticals. As a self-proclaimed “anti-doctor,” Dr. Bomi Joseph believes that we do not have a healthcare industry. Instead, he believes we have a large and inefficient “disease care” industry. He encourages his patients and the public to take control of their own health.

Dr. Bomi Joseph, a plant medicine researcher & natural health advocate in Silicon Valley, California is offering scholarship grants of $1,500 to deserving students. In order to participate in the Dr. Bomi Joseph Healthcare Scholarship, students must be a first year student at accredited institution with a medical / healthcare major and must provide proof of enrollment or acceptance. This award is presented quarterly.

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