Niche College Scholarship

North Carolina State University Caldwell Fellows

January 8, 2024
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

The Caldwell Fellows develop the next generation of self-aware, globally-minded humans who engage in creative, conscientious leadership. We develop students with a passion to grow in their service to North Carolina and beyond. The Caldwell Fellows program is designed with experiences that build upon one another, progressively deepening students’ development by building a lifestyle of growth and service through experiential learning. Each year in the program presents a new series of challenges and a deeper call to service and leadership.

The Caldwell Fellows program invests in students selected during their first year at NC State who share a passion to learn, grow and serve others. The Caldwell program provides extensive programming and leadership training, as well as fosters collaborative interaction with alumni, faculty and community partners. This is open to all majors, but applicants must be incoming freshmen, and they must have an incoming 3.25 GPA. Scholarship Search