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Russell and Helen Missureli Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

All graduating high school seniors, who are biological or adopted children of Roma Lodge members, are eligible to apply for the Russell and Helen Missureli Scholarship. An applicant’s father must be a member in good standing as of January 31st of the calendar year that application for the scholarship is made. The recipient’s father must continue to be a member in good standing for the duration of the scholarship academic year. Applicants must be planning to pursue a part-time or full-time program of study at a college or university in the United States. The recipient of the Missureli Scholarship will not be eligible to receive any other scholarships offered through Roma Lodge.

Applicants must demonstrate: evidence of acceptance as a student in an associate degree or baccalaureate degree program; an exemplary record of community service as evidenced by a list of community, school, or church related activities; academic achievement, as evidenced by a full transcript of grades; and good character, as evidenced by two letters of recommendation. The recipient of the Russell and Helen Missureli scholarship will be selected by April 30th and notified by early May of each year the scholarships are offered. Scholarship Search