SMU President's Scholar Award

January 15, 2025
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

SMU, a nationally ranked private university in the heart of Dallas, is a distinguished hub for global research and teaching. With over 12,000 high-achieving students from all 50 states and 80 countries, SMU offers small classes, impactful research opportunities, leadership development, community service, international study, and innovative programs. The university's commitment to data-driven excellence, coupled with a powerful supercomputing ecosystem, provides an unparalleled environment for research excellence.

Scholarship Details

  • Automatic consideration for the President's Scholarship by applying for admission
  • Criteria for President's Scholar candidate selection:
    • Exceptional SAT or ACT achievement
    • Minimum of 20 high school academic units, including AP/IB and honors courses
    • Two years of a single foreign language
    • Advanced coursework in math and science
    • High school rank in the top 10 percent
    • Demonstrated commitment to school and/or community activities
  • President's Scholars awarded full tuition and general fees

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students applying for admission to SMU are automatically considered
  • Candidate criteria include exceptional SAT or ACT scores, a challenging academic curriculum, foreign language proficiency, advanced coursework in math and science, top 10 percent high school rank, and demonstrated engagement
  • President's Scholars must maintain full-time enrollment and a 3.3 GPA

Application Process

  1. Apply for admission to SMU
  2. Automatic consideration for the President's Scholarship

Embark on your academic journey at SMU, where research excellence meets a vibrant community. President's Scholars enjoy full tuition and fees, recognizing their exceptional achievements and commitment to learning and engagement. Seize this opportunity for a transformative education at SMU! Scholarship Search