SW Neighborhood Assembly’s Education & Scholarship Task Force

June 30, 2025
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

The SW Neighborhood Assembly’s Education & Scholarship Task Force is available to residents residing in the Zip Code 20024 who wish to pursue or continue pursuing course of study at an accredited undergraduate college, university or technical institution. Scholarships are available for multiple years. Applicants are judged on a number of factors including acceptance to college or post-secondary institution, scholastic achievements, letters of recommendation, community involvement and a personal essay. Scholarship recipients are required to attend an awards program.

The mission of the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly’s Education and Scholarship Task Force is to join in partnership with educators, parents, and community, to empower Southwest youth to complete primary, middle, secondary and college/technical education so that after completing their education they can fully participate in the work place and community. This will be accomplished by supporting neighborhood school programs, activities that lead to college attendance and providing college scholarships. Activities will include but are not limited to workshops for parents and students, attendance at college fairs, participating in college tours, disseminating information, and encouraging internships and part time employment.

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