Tourette College scholarship

April 1, 2025
Awards Available: 6

Scholarship Description

ScholasTIC Tourettes Scholarship is for students with Tourette's syndrome. Any graduating high school senior who resides in California, or Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington state, and has Tourette's syndrome may apply for the scholarship. Qualifying students must also be qualified for admission to an accredited college (junior college or four-year college) or trade school at mid-term or at the end of the current school year during which the award is made. This is also open to students taking a gap year after high school.

The scholarship will be sent to your college financial aid department before you begin your first day of fall classes. The funds arrive to your financial aid department with a letter detailing what the funds can be used for. Tuition, books, lab fees, supplies etc are typical items that the money can be used for. Scholarship Search