Pepsi Stronger Together Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

Pepsi Stronger Together is a national initiative by PepsiCo to empower and engage high school seniors across the country. The program aims to provide tailored programming and resources to foster a sense of connection and belonging, particularly in response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key points about Pepsi Stronger Together:

1. Initiative Overview: • National initiative by PepsiCo. • Launched in May 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Objective: • Empower and engage high school seniors. • Provide tailored programming and resources.

3. Community Engagement: • Engages a network of partners in the South. • Shines a spotlight on essential front-line workers in various industries.

4.Vision of PepsiCo: • Guided by the vision to "Be the Global Leader in Beverages and Convenient Foods."

5. Evolution of the Program: • The program is continually evolving to respond to the cultural moment. • Adapts to meet the needs of communities across the United States.

6. Stay Informed: • Individuals can stay up to date with the latest community initiatives and how to give back by visiting

Pepsi Stronger Together appears to be a comprehensive initiative focused on community engagement, support for high school seniors, and addressing the evolving needs of communities during challenging times. The website provides a platform for visitors to engage in conversations and stay informed about the program's latest activities.. Scholarship Search