Niche College Scholarship

American Indian Nurse Scholarship Awards

December 1, 2023
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

To be eligible for the American Indian Nurse Scholarship Awards, applicants must: be enrolled in a tribe or village; demonstrate financial need; be either a high school senior, or be currently enrolled in a health professional program, having achieved good scholastic standing in pre-nursing, pre-med, or, enrolled in a health care or health education program; and be focused on a career goal directly related to the healthcare needs of the American Indian, Alaskan Native, or Hawaiian Native community.

Intended originally to benefit females only, the program has expanded to include males and the career goals now include not only nursing careers, but jobs in health care and health education, as well. The current goal is to grant a $1,500 scholarship each semester, as long as the student remains in academic good standing. The scholarship money is restricted to tuition and specific academic expenses. To meet the financial demands of their education, many students seek additional government grants and subsidies and maintain part-time jobs. Scholarship Search