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Matthews and Swift Educational Trust Scholarships

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Scholarship Description

The Francis P. Matthews and John E. Swift Educational Trust Scholarships are available to children of members in good standing who are killed or permanently disabled, by hostile action, while serving in the U.S. armed forces in a combat zone designated as such by the Knights of Columbus Board of Directors; as well as the children of fulltime firefighters and law enforcement officers, who while in the lawful performance of their duties, died as a result of criminal violence directed at them. Students must be entering their freshman year of a four-year, undergraduate program leading to a bachelor's degree at a Catholic college or Catholic university in the U.S. and apply prior to their 26th birthday. Benefits for which eligible children qualify shall be limited to tuition only, up to a maximum of $25,000 per year, but not room, board, books, fees, transportation, dues, computers, or supplies. Benefits should be applied for on a timely basis, for a four-year undergraduate degree.

Evidence of the cause of a member’s death or disability including a death certificate and official medical records of the appropriate military or veterans’ authority substantiating the death or disability, or law enforcement or fire department authority substantiating the death must be provided to the Board of Governors of Knights of Columbus Charities USA, Inc. (hereinafter called the Board). In addition to the aforementioned documents, copies of the member’s marriage certificate and birth certificates of children being considered for eligibility are to be submitted to the Board. The decision of the Board on the eligibility of any candidate shall be final. The term “child” shall include natural or adopted children of the deceased member who were born within nine months after the member died or, in the case of adoption, were adopted by the member before he suffered the fatal injury, or in the case of a member in the military, before he suffered the permanently and totally disabling injury. “Conflicts and war zones” shall mean the periods of World War II and of subsequent conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, Cyprus, Persian Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The scholarship will be awarded at a Catholic college selected by the candidate in the country of the member’s domicile at the time of death or disability, with the approval of the Board, after the college certifies that the candidate has complied with college entrance or admission requirements and is deemed worthy of the scholarship and after the candidate has signed an agreement accepting the scholarship subject to the conditions of the Terms of Award. Scholarship Search