Niche College Scholarship

NHA Past Chairs' Legacy Scholarship

February 15, 2024
Awards Available: 1

Scholarship Description

NHA created the Past Chairs’ Legacy Scholarship in 2008 to encourage students to consider becoming part of the U.S. waterpower industry. Our growing industry has professionals in many different fields, including engineering, IT, biology, environmental sciences, forestry, hydrology, animal sciences, management, financial services, communications, and other areas. Many companies also offer high-paying skilled labor and technical positions.

The National Hydropower Association will be accepting applications for the NHA Past Chairs’ Legacy Scholarship. The scholarship goes to a promising young person who demonstrates the academic skills and commitment to help create the next generation of leaders in the waterpower industry. Applicant must be pursuing a program of study that is related to the waterpower industry: Engineering, sciences (biology, fisheries, and hydrology), communications, or environmental studies. Scholarship Search