RESNA Student Scientific Paper Competition

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Scholarship Description

RESNA holds a Student Scientific Paper Competition each year. Full time students in either an undergraduate or a graduate academic program are encouraged to submit a manuscript to the competition. Submit your paper through the online Student Scientific Paper submission process. Your submission will be reviewed and scored by a panel of reviewers who are experts in area(s) relevant to its topic. There is $1,000 available in cash prizes plus free RESNA student membership for finalists.

Any research substantially performed while the lead author(s) is/are full time student(s) in either an undergraduate or graduate academic program is eligible for the competition. More than one paper can be submitted to the competition, but no student will receive more than one honoraria per year. The same paper cannot be submitted to both the Student Design and Student Scientific Paper competitions. When submitting a paper, the author must include a Letter of Certification from a faculty member verifying that the first author was a student and carried out a majority of the work presented in the paper. Scholarship Search