Niche College Scholarship

University of Phoenix Academic Achievement Master's Scholarship

October 31, 2024
Awards Available: 25

Scholarship Description

All current University of Phoenix degree students who are actively enrolled in a University of Phoenix master’s degree program who (i) have taken a minimum of 9 credits at the University of Phoenix and have at least 9 credits remaining in a University of Phoenix master’s degree program; (ii) have an aggregate GPA of 3.85 or higher (on a 4.0 scale) in their current master’s degree program; (iii) have not had an unapproved break in attendance greater than 14 days in the last 365 days except for an approved leave of absence as of the scholarship deadline; and apply for this Academic Achievement Master's Scholarship (Current Students) – October 2023 ("Scholarship") prior to the deadline will have the opportunity to be considered for one of fifteen (15) scholarships up to $2,000 each. Scholarship Search