Anchell International Documentary Photography Scholarship

January 1, 2025
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

The International Documentary Photography Award encourages personal involvement in social issues and promotes socially conscious documentary photography. It is open to all fully-matriculated undergraduate and graduate students, regardless of degree major, gender, ethnic background, or country of residence.

The subject matter is entirely the choice of the student. However, it should clearly document a person, group of people, place, event, or happening of social relevance. Submitted images should be arranged and presented to clearly tell the story of what is being documented.

The project does not have to be about people. Environmental issues, including land use or misuse, urban or rural issues, global or local events, will all be considered. The key is to indicate through your photographs that you are involved and can communicate your feelings about the subject you are documenting.

The medium of capture is not important. Images may be made with a cell phone, DSLR camera, view camera, or any other capture device, film or digital. Scholarship Search