Heartfelt Dreams Foundation Nursing Scholarship

September 30, 2024
Awards Available: 1

Scholarship Description

At Heartfelt Dreams Foundation, we are thrilled to support dedicated cardiac nurses in their pursuit of advancing their nursing careers. Our mission is to empower these nurses to provide exceptional care to patients with congenital heart defects. We understand the vital role nurses play in the recovery journey, as demonstrated through Lori Ankerud's inspiring story of battling tetralogy of Fallot.


  • Open to high school seniors, undergraduate and graduate students
  • Open to current nurses working in a hospital setting and pursuing a career in Cardiac Care
  • Must be planning to pursue a career in Nursing with a focus on Cardiac Care

The Application Process

Every academic year, Heartfelt Dreams Foundation will grant a scholarship to a deserving Cardiac Care Nurse or Nursing student working in a hospital setting and pursuing a career in Cardiac Care. The selection process is competitive, and we encourage nurses and nursing students to apply by completing the Application Form. Please include an up-to-date resume with your submission before the stated deadline. Our Foundation committee will meticulously review all applications, and the scholarship recipient will be announced on our website.

Thanks to the generous charitable donations from people and organizations that support Heartfelt Dreams Foundation, our goal is to award this annual scholarship as we strive to promote quality cardiac nursing care for congenital heart defect patients. We hope that you will consider supporting our Foundation’s academic scholarship.

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