Houtan Scholarship

June 1, 2025
Awards Available: 1

Scholarship Description

To be eligible for the Houtan Scholarship, applicants must: have a working knowledge of Parsi and should demonstrate an active interest in Iranian culture, heritage and literature; be presently be attending or anticipate attending an accredited graduate school; have superior academic performance or a significant increase of academic performance over the course of their academic career; and demonstrate financial need. The award is offered for a combined fall and spring semester.

After the board has reviewed the application and other submitted documents, the finalists will be notified by mail or email. Each finalist must complete an interview, either by phone or in-person with the Foundation chairperson. The recipient will be selected from the pool of finalists based on submitted documents, the interview and financial need; the recipient will be notified by mail or email. Once you are selected as a winner – you are expected to acknowledge the receipt of the notice and contact us by e-mail within a month of the date you receive the notice.

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