ImVein Healthcare Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

Every year, colleges and educational opportunities continue to get more and more expensive. The landscape of education and future employment opportunities also continue to get more and more competitive and there is an increasing lack of healthcare professionals in the United States. Arvin & Rena, founders of ImVein, recognize these challenges and have decided to launch an annual, one-time $1,000 scholarship to anyone seeking education at the Graduate, and/or Doctoral/Professional level (associate and certificate programs are not included).

Arvin & Rena have achieved their education through the same challenges many of us experience and have received some support from similar endeavors. It is in that spirit that this annual scholarship is being launched. Applicant must be a citizen or visa holder in the United States of America and must be pursuing a career in a healthcare field. Applicant must be pursuing a graduate and/or doctoral degree and must be currently accepted or in their degree program. Scholarship Search