MSA Law Enforcement Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

The Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association recognizes the importance of pre-service training to prepare individuals in the rewarding career of public service. It also recognizes that some candidates need outside help in meeting the costs of such training, as well as, those candidates who excel academically. The Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association has determined that education is a fundamental core of our Association.

The Membership of this Association will provide financial support through the form of student scholarships to an identified student or students who is not POST licensed, in the second year of a two year law enforcement degree program, or to any student who is in the third or fourth year of a four year law enforcement degree program. This policy shall remain in effect consistent with funding to support this program. Members of the Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association give recognition to the lack of financial assistance available to students. Scholarships are only available to students currently enrolled in one of the following three categories: Mandated POST skills program; In the second year of a two-year law enforcement program; or in the third or fourth year of a four-year college criminal justice course. Scholarship Search