NSCCF Scholarships

May 31, 2025
Awards Available: 30

Scholarship Description

The Nashville State Community College Foundation was established in 1994 and operates for the sole benefit and support of Nashville State Community College and its students. Through the generous support of alumni, community friends, corporations, and private foundations, the Foundation works to expand access to higher education and further regional workforce development. By raising funds for scholarships, program and infrastructure improvements, and grants for faculty and staff that enhance student learning opportunities, the Foundation strives to ensure that resources are available to meet the needs of both students and our rapidly growing local economy.

Scholarships are available both through the NSCC Financial Aid office and from numerous groups not affiliated with the school. We recommend that you also check with your affiliate groups, clubs, workplace, and/or religious organizations to see if they offer educational assistance. NSCC Foundation scholarships are listed on the NSCCF website and are subject to change. To make application for any NSCCF scholarship, please complete the online NSCC Financial Aid Form.

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