The Golden Ro(a)d Designer Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

Hello designers! Have a sustainable/up-cycled fashion design? Apply to our fashion show and competition, "The KEY: Golden Ro(a)d Design Scholarship", to be eligible for a scholarship of up to $1,000! Our panel of judges will take part in voting, but so will the audience! We will have both a Youtube live voting round on a Google form as well as an in-person voting for the general audience.

Send in pictures of your (sustainable/up-cycled) fashion product using the Google Form. You must have designed and crafted the look yourself from sustainable materials. In this round, our executive board and seasoned professionals from the fashion industry will be rating your pieces and providing feedback and commentary. A total of 15 pieces will advance to the semi-finals. Pieces that advance to semi-finals will be shipped to Atlanta, GA for the fashion show on April 15th. Semi-finalists will be announced on the 17th of February through email. (We accept international submissions, and attendance to the fashion show is not required.) Scholarship Search