Wichita State University Bowling Scholarship

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May 1, 2025
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

At Wichita State University, there are two types of scholarships student-athletes may apply for: either an academic scholarship or a bowling scholarship. Student-athletes wishing to be considered for scholarship aid through the Bowling Program need to complete a Bowling Scholarship Application form in the Spring prior to attending Wichita State and trying out for the bowling team. The Coaching Staff will review the scholarship applications and award Bowling Program Scholarships.

The philosophy of the WSU Shocker Bowling program philosophy centers around a sincere belief in the potential of the student-athlete. This athlete-centered philosophy fervently believes the student-athlete can do or become nearly anything when they have, acquire, and utilize certain qualities. We believe these success qualities are: an intense desire to learn, enormous work ethic, and unwavering loyalty, especially to the program’s philosophy. To the degree the student-athlete demonstrates these three things, we believe they can improve dramatically as a person, student, and athlete.

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