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Microsoft Imagine Cup Global Competition


May 12, 2024

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  • Dream it. Build it. Live it. Innovate with passion and bring your idea to life in the Imagine Cup. Collaborate with other students and build your skills together to solve global issues. The Imagine Cup is full of opportunities to gain new skills, access exclusive training, unlock mentorship opportunities, have the chance to win great prizes, and make a difference in the world. Open to students around the world, the Imagine Cup Competition seeks to honor the most innovative, ground-breaking and appealing software built with Microsoft tools and technology.

    The Imagine Cup is full of opportunities to gain new skills, access exclusive training, unlock mentorship opportunities, and have a chance to win great prizes and make a difference in the world. To be eligible for the scholarship, you must be at least 16 years of age and be actively enrolled as a student in an accredited educational institution that grants high-school or college/university (or equivalent) degrees (including home schools).
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Clyde S  on 9/18/2022 10:04:01 PM

Hi my mane name is Clyde Steloi I am currently 16 years old and I am interested in this in this scholarship because I always wanted to work with tech at a very young age and my first encounter with this was my first time seeing a robot fighting another robot on tv but coming from Haiti where these resources was considered a luxury it was just a mere dream and even after coming to America and my parents making minimum wage It will be hard to pay college tuition and having 1 younger sibling going to high-school makes it even harder I hope I can win this scholarship to one day become a great coder for a big company like Microsoft and help my family member and community

MARCUS D  on 1/15/2021 5:25:40 PM

I hope to get into MIT and will need help with scholarships.

Caroline C.  on 1/12/2021 12:32:10 PM

I am interested in this scholarship because it will provide financial assistance to attend college. I work hard, but the additional funds would help me pursue my dreams of obtaining a college education.

Diego R  on 12/1/2020 7:42:19 PM

i am going to make an art with Microsoft excel

Anuska karki  on 9/12/2020 9:43:24 PM

The title for this internship looks very amazing and is obviously interesting for me as my major is engineering.

Alexa Alvarez  on 7/7/2020 2:02:45 PM

Hello! My name is Alexa Alvarez and throughout my high school career, I have been involved in many math programs including math league my freshman year and explored the STEM program by challenging myself with difficult classes such as AP Computer Science A. Through that class, I’ve learned to love computer science and my interest in the field has grown, as well as my interest in both math and science. Not only do I personally enjoy the subjects, but have shown my strengths in them by successfully maintaining a 3.75 GPA in both subjects, with math being a solid 4.6. It would also give me the opportunity to help others who struggle with the subjects. This passioned stemmed from my childhood, where I started to learn the concept of inventing and building creations; curious investigation has always led to practical application. Throughout elementary school, I would experiment with robot mechanisms and computers, building and programming fun or useful devices out of LEGOs. Retrospectively, I see that this process cemented my lifelong fascination with creating nifty devices. In middle school, my interest expanded from this foundation, as I transitioned into coding algorithms. It was to my knowledge at the time that I was a curious person and loved the idea of applying what I learned to real life situations. This allowed me to explore classes in high school I have come to love, such as AP Statistics and AP Computer Science A. I often hear others ask for help in the subject regarding the STEM field, and with my knowledge, I hope to one day help many others in my journey with computers.

Nayeem  on 6/3/2020 3:52:13 AM

The scholarship is good. Hope the best suitable student finds it

Thomas T  on 4/8/2020 9:46:59 AM

Hey what's up my name is Tommy turlich, im a 24 year old prodigy with a multi million dollar brain. August 1st 2018 I walked into a GED school in Cincinnati Ohio called education matters August 9th 2018 I had my GED in my hand I also managed to graduate on the National Adult Education Honor Society, with my letter recommendation I make a great candidate

Phuong L  on 3/31/2020 9:08:10 PM

Hello my name is Phuong. I am 18 years old. I am shy person. I like computer because I can learn many things, can have communication to many people from many countries, and throughout the computer that I can become confident to share many things I want while I can’t show it in my life. Besides The computer also is place where help me to reduce stress and collect the pieces of knowledge. I want to pursue a career in Computer Engineer and become an softwares programmer.

Bryan Jesus Gil Rodriguez  on 3/15/2020 4:46:34 AM

Hello my name is Bryan Jesus Gil Rodriguez I'm a 15-year-old Bisexual Mexican American born and raised in Hawthorne California and I'm interested in becoming a Data Scientist but before my whole background in Data Science, when I was in Middle School I was part of a program called PLTW and AVID and now that I'm in high school; Once I become a Junior I'm going to be taking Intro to Computer Science because I want to learn about coding more and then once I become a Senior I'm going to take AP Statistics and AP Computer Science with Principles and Intro to Data Science. all of the above I want to see myself accomplish in life :)

Edi L  on 3/10/2020 9:07:26 AM

I feel that I am very experienced with computers, and I feel that I want to pursue a career in Computer Engineer. I want to be more exposed to the field and I feel that it would let me show my skills.

Aaron E  on 2/11/2020 7:44:25 PM

Computers have been my passion for a while now and I believe that technological innovation in computers everywhere, in every field, is key for a bright future.

Jesse D  on 1/27/2020 5:23:37 PM

I love working with computers and I personally believe that computers are a major aspect in humans everyday lives. As time progresses, our technology will further advance and will become a much bigger aspect in humans lives than they are right now.

Aaron marte  on 1/16/2020 11:22:17 AM

I love your school because i like computer and working on them

Gordon F  on 10/17/2018 11:10:05 PM

thats alot of money

Vishnupriya Arora  on 8/24/2018 2:39:54 AM

Hello everyone! I'm 16 y/o student from India, I'm looking forward on to starting college with computer science

Patricia M  on 5/27/2018 1:08:39 AM

Hello, I am Patricia and am interested in pursuing Computer Networking because I am always interested in not only challenges but learning new things. I believe computers are the future and want a fulfilling career in the Technology fields that are demanding for computer literacy and competency. One day, I hope to teach or work for a corporation that I can see myself in a management position. I also, want to see technology work in peoples lives to make it easier and help save more lives than destroy it.

Dominick K  on 5/20/2018 6:10:57 PM

Hi my name is Dominick .I am interesting in mechanical engineering. I am problem solver , creative person I can build ,fix and 3D print needed parts .I build my first 3D printer when I was 15 years old .I do mentoring kids in robotics and I am team leader in Secme. Win student of the year in high school Secme. First place in mouse trap competitions .Highly motivated ,business approach and always hungry for knowledge. Looking for scholarship and appreciation for my work.Dominick

Juan H  on 5/20/2018 3:10:11 PM

I am currently 18, i built my first computer when i was 14, i still have the PC with me, i did programing for 3 years most of my high school years. i doubt i would get this scholarship but it doesn't hurt to try.

Juawarren S  on 5/9/2018 11:29:55 AM

I am currently a computer science major, who plans to have internship at Microsoft in the future..I built my first computer when I was fifteen,it exploded....but it opened the door for me to design and construct software like MedLink,a healthcare program I built for my mom's practice.I have a strong believer in innovation with a sprinkle of tech!,this scholarship would change my life.

John B  on 5/1/2018 7:03:23 PM

I applied for this scholarship because I feel like I have the smarts and confidence to help the world become a better place for all that inhabit it. This scholarship will help secure a spot in my educational field and help pay for my leanings in college. This will mean a lot if I win, and this will also push me further towards accomplishing my dreams!

Mohammad  on 4/20/2018 6:19:24 PM

Hello, I'm Mohammad and I'm 18 Yeas old, I'm a .Net Developer and I really had a chance to win this scholarship but I'm from Iran! and apparently Iranian Students can't apply for this program. I know my country and my government is not good like other banned nations, But what is our fault? We are victims of their mistakes! : (

Debita J  on 4/11/2018 1:45:47 PM

Hi! I'm Debita Josephine or you can called me Debby. The reason I apply for this scholarship is because I need help to support my education in Engineering. I'm currently studying at Pasadena City College in Computer Science Major. I really love programming and I'd love to learn about programming languages, such as C#, C++, and Java. I also like to do a programming through Visual Studio 2017 and Android Studio. And through this scholarship, I hope that you can help me to make my dream come true, to be a software engineer. Because my parents just got fraud by someone from our country and I still have 1 brother and 1 sister who's still dependent. I know that education fees is really expensive, especially for an international student like me. And in addition, I couldn't get any jobs at school because I'm not a financial aid students (some of them required me to be a federal aid student in order to work at school). In conclusion, I really need help you to support my education in order to develop my abilities in Engineering fields. Thank you so much for listening to my comments.

Hieu L  on 5/18/2017 1:36:41 AM

Hi. My name is Lu. I apply for this scholarship because I need your help with the scholarship for school support. I came from Vietnam. Since I was born my parents always taught me how to count numbers, how to spell words, and some lessons that teach me to work harder. They say, “never give up on my responsibilities and help people when you can”. This is important, and is the advice for me to remember when I want to give up. I always remember and see it as motivation that will keeps me moving forward. It was make me try hard in schools and help people at all time, just like in shool I was volunteer at lunch time to make and give food for students in school. When I volunteer, it makes me felt joyful to know more about other students, and teachers in school that provide space for me to improve my communication skills. When during my first 2 years in high school, I was the secretary of Franklin’s Viet Club, and participate as part of their ASB group and Vietnamese Club to spend my spare time to support the students’ ideas and build their experience and tutoring for them in school. I was worked together with people and my desire is to take classes in the medical field at Seattle Central Community College and keep doing my best with it. I know if I study in the medical field it will cost plenty of money that my family income cannot support my career path. If I can get your scholarship to support my medical studies, I will work hard and will use my money I gain in my career to support others like me.

Joeanna W  on 4/4/2017 3:22:09 PM

I applied for this scholarship to help with my college tuition,and I would love to win to help better my career so that I will be able to also have my community events to help people in need.