Support Creativity World Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

The Support Creativity World Scholarship is for (but not limited to) passionate designers, animators, editors, photographers, artists, illustrators, and painters, who wish to develop their skills at higher education institutions in the New York area (NY, NJ, CT, or PA). Eligible applicants must demonstrate financial need, be a Dreamer, and can either be an undergraduate or graduate. There is no GPA requirement. Individual criteria may vary by scholarship, but selection will still be based on the student's project, their application, and indication of financial need.

Submit something creative that illustrates your passion for your specific creative field. The following are things to keep in mind: pour your heart into the application; submit work from the medium of your major. (ie. if you are animation major, submit an animation); and explain your financial hardships. Please do not submit: portfolios; broken links; links with passwords; or one-liner answers. The scoring rubric will be judged on how well you demonstrate financial need, how well you explain your project and your reason for creating passion. Scholarship Search