William (Bill) Ezzell Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

The William (Bill) Ezzell Scholarship is an annual award, presenting $10,000 to five recipients, each year. This is a one-time-receipt award; it may only be awarded to an individual once during their doctoral program. Bill believed that the best way to encourage the next generation of CPAs was to put educators in the classroom with relevant and recent real-world experience. The AICPA Foundation created the William (Bill) Ezzell Scholarship to honor his passion and continue his legacy by providing financial assistance to CPAs pursuing their Ph.D.

Eligible applicants must be a CPA registered as an accounting faculty member or professional on ThisWayToCPA.com. Applicants must have minimum three years of professional accounting experience, with a portion of that experience being within the last three years at the time of enrollment (internships can be included as long as the work was accounting or finance related). Applicants must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident (green card holder) and must have earned an undergraduate or a master's degree in accounting.

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