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The Higher Foundation Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

Higher Foundation is committed to advancing post-secondary education by offering crucial financial support to college students in Georgia. Through a combination of need-based grants and merit-based scholarships, we strive to alleviate the financial burdens associated with the cost of attendance and living expenses. Since our inception in May 2018, we have served over 1,000 Georgia college students and awarded a total of $30,000 in grants and scholarships. Our mission is to break down barriers to post-secondary education, fostering a future of higher education and greater possibilities.

Key Initiatives and Achievements:

• Need-Based Grants and Merit-Based Scholarships: Higher Foundation provides financial assistance tailored to the needs of individual students. Our comprehensive approach includes need-based grants and merit-based scholarships, ensuring that a diverse range of students can benefit from our support.

• Overcoming Financial Barriers: Recognizing the challenges faced by Georgia students, we actively address unmet financial needs. As per fact sheets for Georgia Higher Education, the state lacks broad need-based financial aid, affecting nearly 112,000 students. Higher Foundation is dedicated to bridging this gap.

• Inclusive Eligibility: Higher Foundation believes in equal opportunities for all Georgia college students, regardless of factors such as race, income, GPA, ethnicity, age, sexuality, or religion. Our Higher Foundation Grant is accessible to all, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.

Call to Action:

• Request a Grant: All Georgia college students are encouraged to apply for the Higher Foundation Grant. Whether you're facing financial challenges or seeking additional support for your educational journey, our grants are designed to assist with the cost of attendance and living expenses.

Join Higher Foundation on Your Educational Journey:

Empower your pursuit of higher education with Higher Foundation. We are dedicated to creating a pathway to success for Georgia college students. Apply for our grants, embrace the possibilities of higher education, and let Higher Foundation be your partner on the road to academic achievement. Scholarship Search