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Build Your Dreams Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

Applicants of the Build Your Dreams Scholarship must submit an essay that describes how they have chosen their career path for life after high school, and explain how winning this scholarship will assist in their goals. There are no length requirements – their essay may be as brief or as long as you like. There are no GPA, ACT, or other academic-based requirements. To apply, please upload the submission to the form on the website, or print out the application and turn it into the class advisor by the deadline. Please include name, phone, address, school, and graduation date to be considered.

Performance Eyecare has opened submissions for their ‘Build Your Dreams’ scholarship program. This program invites local high school seniors to share their future career goals for a chance at a scholarship. The scholarship comes with no strings attached. This financial support can be used for college, trade schools, to start a business, or in any other way that helps jumpstart their dream job. We believe everyone should enjoy a career they love, so our Build Your Dream scholarship program is designed to help one high school grad pursue their passion with a monetary gift. Scholarship Search