Jonathan Dax Cooke Grant

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Scholarship Description

Jonathan Dax Cooke wholeheartedly respects the passion and dedication of a student with aspirations and ideas for improving society. No barrier, particularly one of a financial kind, should stand in the way of the prospects for success that higher education affords. One $1,000 scholarship opportunity is being offered by Jonathan Dax Cooke.

To qualify, applicants: Must attend an accredited US-Based university; Must have a GPA above 2.5; Must submit a completed form along with the essay. Please include a 650- 800-word essay answering the following question: What has been the most inspiring travel experience? How did it influence your life thus far? No applicants will be contacted regarding anything other than their application. Applicant emails will not be used for any marketing purposes. Applicants will not be asked to provide any sensitive information for their application or to claim their award. There is no fee to apply to this scholarship or for the winning applicant to claim their award. Scholarship Search