Ave Maria University Marching Band Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

Founded in fall 2020, one of the newest ensemble additions to Ave Maria University includes the AMU Marching Band that performs regularly for athletic sporting events, university events, and religious festivals. The AMU Marching Band includes students of all ages and years in school including graduate students. Members of the AMU Marching Band represent a diverse range of majors whom who enjoy performing music in addition to their degree studies. While many members will have musical backgrounds, and beginning instrumental students are welcome as well. AMU Marching Band members also have the opportunity for a band scholarship with committed membership. The AMU Marching Band is a comprehensive program offering technique of the marching arts, instruction on instrumental technique and development for credit or otherwise, as well as exposure to a wide repertoire as the AMU Marching Band is in demand for various occasions on campus throughout the year.

The Music Department is now offering competitive scholarship to build up the expansion of the wind program consisting of participants in the AMU Marching Band. Scholarships are available for incoming students based on their experience in their respective high school band and marching band programs including color guard. Committed students to the AMU Marching Band are eligible for scholarship renewal for each year of participation and are in addition to any other institutional scholarship awards a student may receive. Auditions for this ensemble are not required but highly encouraged for additional scholarship opportunities. All majors are welcome.

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