SVCF Bobette Bibo Gugliotta Memorial Scholarship for Creative Writing

February 28, 2025
Awards Available: 2

Scholarship Description

This scholarship was created in 1995 to honor the late Bobette Bibo Gugliotta, author of several books, including Katzimo: Mysterious Mesa; Pigboat 39, about a World War II submarine; and Women of Mexico: The Consecrated and the Commoners, 1519-1900. In 1930, when she was 11 years old, Mrs. Gugliotta wrote a story about a mouse who later became Mickey! Mrs. Gugliotta married U.S. Navy Ensign Guy F. Gugliotta in 1940. They lived in several cities in the United States and Latin America before retiring to the Peninsula in 1962. Her family and friends remember her as wife, mother, hostess and one who was "never bored, never tired, always curious."

Applicants must be/have: Graduating high school senior or currently enrolled undergraduate four-year college students; Attending or attended high school in San Mateo County or Santa Clara County; Demonstrated passion and ability for creative writing; and Full-time enrollment at a four-year college or university. Scholarship Search