Dr. Jade Malay High Achievers Award

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Scholarship Description

The Dr. Jade Malay High Achiever Award was founded by Dr. Jade Malay of Texas, an esteemed medical professional and entrepreneur. This award was created to acknowledge, celebrate, and encourage top performing students who exemplify leadership qualities both in the classroom and in their communities. Each year The Dr. Jade Malay High Achiever Award is presented to two students in pursuit of higher education. The award includes a $1,000 scholarship to support the students' academic pursuits.

The Dr. Jade Malay High Achiever Award is open to all female students who identify as a member of a minority group with a minimum GPA of 2.5 weighted. The award is open to high school seniors and all college students both undergraduate and graduate. International students and students of all majors are welcome and encouraged to apply. Winning award recipients will be announced by the end of March on the scholarship provider's website.

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