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Wells Fargo Scholarship Program for People with Disabilities


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  • The Wells Fargo Scholarship Program for People with Disabilities is designed to help people with disabilities obtain the education or training necessary to succeed in the career path of their choice. To apply, you must have an identified disability (defined as someone who has, or considers themselves to have, a long-term or recurring issue that impacts one or more major life activity), be a high school senior or graduate planning to enroll, or who are already enrolled, in full- or half-time undergraduate study at an accredited two- or four-year college or university in the United States, and have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's website.
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Jacob H  on 2/16/2023 11:41:21 PM

The TBI I received in the marine corps affected my learning capabilities. How can I get a 3.0 when I am mentally disabled from a training accident?

Arionne C  on 11/23/2022 8:58:47 AM

Pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Arionne (Ari for short), and I am a high school senior currently living in Marietta, GA. Although I wasn't born with a preexisting disability or disorder (although I was diagnosed with light asthma at the age of two), Earlier this year, I went through a very massive change with my stomach and digestive health. At around the end of March, 2022, I was sent to the hospital for extreme pain in my abdominal area, where I stayed for four days. Although the physical pain has gotten better, it has now permanently changed many of the certain things I am able to eat or drink. On top of living in a low-income home with a single parent, I'm doing my best to support this cause and keep up my reputation as an academic scholar. With this scholarship, I want to be example of someone who wasn't born with these disabilities or was impacted by any accident, but rather proof of the fact that these changes can potentially happen to anyone.

Gregory C  on 11/15/2022 10:36:58 AM

My name is Gregory Charlestin I am currently a Senior at Montclair State University. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes prior to beginning my freshman year here and now I am 7 credits away from completing one of the goals I’ve placed on my self following my diagnosis four years ago , but I find my self in a bit of a dilemma I am not able to register for my final semester due to a large hold of $5000 on my account. I would like to bring the balance just under $3000 in order to be able to complete my tenure here in college.

Dakota B  on 11/13/2022 12:13:43 PM

My name is Dakota Becker and I've struggled with ADHD, anxiety, and depression for a major part of my life. Since my ADHD diagnosis in 4th grade, I have had 504 accommodations. My current GPA is a 3.7 as of the end of my junior year. When I start college in 2023, I plant to major in Insect Ecology or Entomology depending on where I'm accepted.

Olivia C  on 5/24/2022 10:37:21 PM

Hi, my name is Olivia. I have sickle cell anemia (type SS) and asthma. My sicknesses have caused me to be in the 504 program since Elementary. My current GPA is 3.0. Being in and out of the hospital has cost my parents so much, and they are still paying. The good thing that came out of my chronic hospitalization was that I realized that I want to work in the medical field. I am soon to graduate high school, and the field I've chosen is to be a Physical Assistant. This isn't going to be easy but if I win the scholarship it would make all the difference.

Gabriel W  on 3/16/2022 5:15:21 PM

Hello, my name is Gabriel. I applied for the scholarship since I have recently been diagnosed with PTSD from childhood trauma and also have a bleeding disorder called Von Willebrands disease. I am currently supporting myself through college full time by working 2 jobs. The program I want to enter (Dental Hygiene) is exceedingly costly and I won't be able to work while attending it. The struggles just to get by nowadays are costly, physically, mentally, and financially. I am on my own since I had abusive parents I cant rely on. Please help me to achieve my dream as a dental hygienist.

Matthew P  on 1/26/2022 8:04:38 PM

Hello! My name is Matthew Ponnequin I was diagnosed with ADHD and High Functioning Autism–Aspergers Syndrome since birth. Growing up I’ve always wanted to become social and struggled with caring about what people thought about me. I would find myself embarrassed too often due to having to get pulled out of class in front of my friends. I didn’t know why I was going to this class, and that it was for my 504. But I felt I was stupid or dumb having to do such simple tasks. I just wanted to be with my friends. Growing up I’ve always wanted to do theatre and my junior high 7th. grade year I did joined, but I ended up dropping out, because I was scared. The very next year I became very good friends with this one person. VERY good friends. We did EVERYTHING together. We played football together. We ran Cross Country. And he just so happened to be in a Theatre class. I rejoined Theatre and I have never got out ever since. Theatre has helped me with my shyness tremendously. I am 19 years old and a senior this year. Every day I am one step closer to becoming into the social person I wanted to be! I believe everything happens for a reason. And that it only takes one person to make a difference in someone’s life. Just like how God used a old friend of mine to bring me back into Theatre. I applied for this scholarship, because I wish to do the same for someone else.

Kayla D  on 1/25/2022 10:12:22 PM

Hi my name is Kayla I have multiple auto immune disorders , I been a fighter my whole life been in and out of the hospitals , I love school and school has been really hard to go to because I am always out sick . I have a gpa of 3.75 and am on the principals list . I am having trouble finding scholarships and I think this one would fit perfect for me..

Brianne  on 1/22/2022 12:55:24 PM

I am now 20 and still recovering from my brain tumor surgeries. I was enrolled in online classes at time of my diagnosis and life was put on hold. I am currently attempting an online class . I have difficulty with retaining information due to no short term memory. I was a multi sport athlete throughout my school years . I have had to learn to walk , talk , feed myself and all the other firsts in life. I have been through speech , occupational and physical therapy for two years. I want to use my life story as a testimony to help others reach for the finish line when giving up is easier. I want to become that Physical Therapist who’s been there and ready to show others the way.

Brianne  on 1/21/2022 11:46:33 PM

I am now 20 and still recovering from my brain tumor surgeries. I was enrolled in online classes at time of my diagnosis and life was put on hold. I am currently attempting an online class . I have difficulty with retaining information due to no short term memory. I was a multi sport athlete throughout my school years . I have had to learn to walk , talk , feed myself and all the other firsts in life. I have been through speech , occupational and physical therapy for two years. I want to use my life story as a testimony to help others reach for the finish line when giving up is easier. I want to become that Physical Therapist who’s been there and ready to show others the way.

Brianne  on 1/21/2022 9:52:25 PM

I am now 20 and still recovering from my brain tumor surgeries. I was enrolled in online classes at time of my diagnosis and life was put on hold. I am currently attempting an online class . I have difficulty with retaining information due to no short term memory. I was a multi sport athlete throughout my school years . I have had to learn to walk , talk , feed myself and all the other firsts in life. I have been through speech , occupational and physical therapy for two years. I want to use my life story as a testimony to help others reach for the finish line when giving up is easier. I want to become that Physical Therapist who’s been there and ready to show others the way.

Brianne  on 1/21/2022 9:19:41 PM

I am was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor after graduating in May 2020 at age 18. I had 5 brain surgeries due to hospital negligence. I spent 50 days and my 19th birthday in Neuro ICU. I have no short term memory and lifelong shunt from the complications.

Brandon G  on 1/4/2022 9:59:21 AM

Hi I'm Brandon Gerstein. I am from Smithtown, New York. I am 17 and have Albinism. Albinism makes me more likely to get skin cancer. I have also always had bad eyesight. My overall GPA is a 3.57. I will be attending SUNY Cortland in the Fall 2022 year. I will be majoring in physical education. Since my albinism makes it difficult for me to play outdoor sports with the sun, I play indoor sports. I am particularity good at ice hockey. I have been playing since I was 7. However I have been playing dek hockey since I was 4. Sports make my world brighter and easier to live in. I currently play 18u AA ice hockey for The Rinx/PAL. Sports are my "happy place" and I hope to inspire kids about physical activity and staying in shape. That is why I am choosing to major in physical education. I take my grades very seriously and a scholarship would be so helpful. I feel everyone should have that one person in their life that can motivate them to be their best self and I believe I can do that as a gym teacher.

Thomas K  on 11/24/2021 12:09:20 PM

Hi my name is Thomas Kailipalauli Nobriga. I was born with ADHD and I have been in the program called 504 since grade school. I have battled through highschool with my ADHD with learning tools to assist me with my studies. My current GPA is 3.5. My goal is to continue my education and achieve a degree in architecture. I stay active with sports. It would be much appreciated to have some assistance with college. I work hard to maintain my grades with my ADHD.

Lennon D  on 11/22/2021 1:32:04 PM

Hi, my name is Lennon and I am a high school senior looking to fulfill my dreams and hopefully attend college. I have had an IEP since 7th grade for multiple reasons. I have auditory processing disorder, ADHD, and struggle with social anxiety and depression. I currently have a 3.7 GPA, but I have had worked extremely hard towards that, it has not been easy. I enjoy playing softball and helping others, especially the life skills students in my school. I have been actively involved with helping them since 4the grade. I hope to get into college and get the assistance I will need to help me be successful.

Christopher M  on 9/3/2021 10:51:49 AM

My name is Christopher Marshall and I was born with high functioning Autism. My GPA when I graduated was a 3.965, and I have been striving to get into a University. I was finally accepted and am trying to gain as much financial aid as I can. I am a Black Belt in Karate, I am a member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame for triumphing over my adversities so I could reach that rank. I'm also a member of the United States Black Belt Federation. I have been struggling my life to overcome this, and I hope with the help of this scholarship I can get help and overcome the trials I will face at the Lamar University which I was accepted to.

Radek S  on 2/11/2021 9:47:00 PM

Hi my name is Radek Spatz. I was born with ADHD and I have been in the program called 504 since grade school. I have battled through highschool with my ADHD with learning tools to assist me with my studies. My current GPA is 3.2. My goal is to continue my education at our local University and achieve a degree in computer science. I stay active with sports and one act play. It would be much appreciated to have some assistance with college. I honestly never thought I would be accepted at a University because of my GPA and ACT scores. I work hard to maintain my grades with my ADHD.

Hayley B  on 1/26/2021 10:07:09 AM

Hi my name is Lele and i suffer from Narcolepsy with Cataplexy. I was diagnosed last year and I struggled for about a year before my diagnoses. I struggle with everyday life, social and emotionally because its hard to stay awake. My cataleptic episodes is where all my muscles lose control with strong emotions. I attend High school in Kentucky and i plan on applying to this scholarship so i can show others with this diagnoses that anything is possible.

Alaya K  on 1/23/2021 4:25:30 PM

Hello, I am Alaya Kiser. I am 17, and I am from Beloit, Ohio. As a child, I lived with chronic heroin addicts all my life that brought on a plethora of mental disabilities as well as financial instabilities. Due to this, most, if not all, of my problems were largely pushed to the side because the issues of my parents were always on the forefront. I lived alone with my parents from the age of 4 until I was 12. During that time, I experienced large amounts of trauma that altered my brain chemistry as they happened when I was such a young and impressionable child. When my grandmother took me out of the care of my parents, she threw me into therapy. While I hated it with every fiber of my being, I understood that I needed it. Within the first month my therapist diagnosed me with generalized anxiety, and an uncategorized depressive disorder. Within the next few months, I was diagnosed with PTSD with severe emotional detachment. That diagnosis is the large reason as to why I am applying to this scholarship. My PTSD is most largely onset by vomit: whether that be someone saying they feel nauseous, coughs too hard, audibly gags, etc,. While this may sound miniscule to others, it significantly hinders me from living with others. Living on campus is extremely expensive, and this scholarship would greatly benefit me in my endeavors to achieve my dream of becoming a future Neurologist.

Crystal L  on 1/20/2021 10:53:26 AM

Hi, my name is Crystal Lara i am from Corrigan Tx, i have struggled with ADHD since i can remember. it was always hard growing up because i felt like the odd-one-out because i have ADHD, i could never seem to focus in school, so I am applying or this scholarship to prove to myself that i can keep moving forward and continuing my education, and to also help my family financially.

Olivia M  on 1/16/2021 2:44:49 PM

All my life school hasn't been the easiest for me and I've struggled with many obstacles with learning and school work. The hardest times were when I moved to Alabama from Texas my sophomore year of high school, since Alabama has only acknowledged dyslexia as a learning disability for only a few years it made it hard for the school system to know what I needed. Alabama doesn't have good resources in school to help students be successful in learning the way that fits them best. In the end, I have overcome many obstacles I have faced which have made me more independent and prepared me for college and life beyond high school. Through my many struggles with Dyslexia and ADHD, I have learned to teach myself how to cope with it. One goal that I'm most proud of accomplishing is teaching myself ways to deal with my learning disability instead of trying to fix it and to self advocate for myself and my needs. I am also proud of believing in myself and not giving up when things got hard. At times I felt too overwhelmed to keep going, and the days I felt stupid for not learning something as fast as the other kids, but I persevered. After I graduate I plan on attending Troy University to get my psychology degree. I would like to get my psychology degree because I am fascinated by the different ways people's minds work. Learning about my own disability has opened my mind about the lack of knowledge and understanding about learning disability and special needs. Right now I am working with people with special needs and I am really enjoying it. This is making me think that I might pursue an avenue of special needs with my degree. I have learned the importance of understanding my needs and advocating for myself and I would like to share that with others. At this moment i dont have much money going into my college fund as of right now and have to pull out a student loan for most of my college and could really use help.

Madison B  on 1/8/2021 10:13:25 PM

Hi , My name is Madison Brinkley . I'm from bells Texas. I was diagnosed with dyslexia in the third grade . it is very hard for me to read in front of people I start turning beat red in the face because i'm always scared to say the wrong word and get laugh at because I can't read all the big words.

Justin S  on 1/7/2021 5:54:37 PM

My name is Juatin Salcido I am currently applying for this scholarship. I am applying because due to COVID I have not been able to find a job and need help to pay for my school to help better my education. I was diagnosed wIth Add/adhd when I was a freshman in high school. I am currently taking medicine for my alignment to help control it. I still have a very hard time focusing and controling my schedules.

Cassandra D.  on 1/5/2021 2:30:39 PM

Hi, my name is Cassandra. I am 22 and just transferred to a University. I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of seven years old, it is spread throughout my whole body, including my eyes. I have had several surgeries on my eyes since the age of 8. Somehow, I beat the odds, doctors at Children's Hospital LA had told my mother that I wouldn't be able to see in my years to come and how she should expect the worse. A few years after that, I was transferred to UCLA Ronald Regan, and from there I was put onto a treatment that I receive every month. It has helped stabilize it. This scholarship can help me tremendously in paying for college and help me reach the ultimate goal of helping those in need.

Jaidyn G  on 12/27/2020 2:55:37 PM

Hi, My name is Jaidyn Green. I'm from Dallas Texas. I was born with Spina Bifida and Scoliosis I have had about 5 surgery thought out my life. I walk with a limp because of my disability, but I do not ever let my disability limit me. I am applying for this scholarship to better my education to become a sonographer so that I can bring people the joy of seeing their babies for the first time .

Lisa W  on 12/26/2020 8:07:17 PM

Hello My name is Lisa, I'm a hard of hearing individual who would love to get a degree in Social work..As I had many challenges previously in school..I think taking online courses can be very beneficial for me to obtain my goal. With the help of the Wells Fargo Scholarship it would be so much easier to follow my dreams!

Jordan W.  on 12/20/2020 5:34:33 PM

Hi , I’m Jordan Walling. I am a junior in Houston, Texas. During my middle school years I was diagnosed with ADHD, as well as in high school I got diagnosed with anxiety and depression. However though, last year I received a diagnosis of Dysautonomia, POTS, and Euler-Danlos Syndrome. All of these issues have effected me since I was a child, as well as during high school made me stop doing the sport I loved, as well as end up transferring to a different high school that was online only. I definitely plan to apply for this scholarship

RAQUEL H  on 12/19/2020 12:01:14 PM

I was born with ADHD and now I am in the program called 504 that helps me in my studies. As well, I am medicated since I was 6 years old. I currently studying in high school in magnet business accounting and I been applying to colleges to continue my journey in accounting. My GPA is 3.4. I have a certificate on Microsoft Team and Quickbook program. It's very important for me to obtain this scholarship to continue my career and help my parents financially. Also, I have the opportunity in this country to continue one of my favorite sport since I was a kid which is swimming. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to apply for this scholarship.

Sydne G  on 12/18/2020 4:47:57 PM

My name is Sydne Gustafson. I was raised on a hobby farm in Eagan, Minnesota as the second child to my parents Troy and Sue. I never really knew what it was like to have neighbors living on five acres of property, but I definitely learned to appreciate nature and the outdoors. My parents got me involved in any sports you could think of; dance, soccer, fishing, skiing, archery, you name it. I was certainly a very busy child. Unlike my peer group, which are millenials and most commonly generalized as not knowing what they want in life, I have a clear vision of what I want. This would include a home, being married, having kids, growing old togethering, and having a job that I can excel in and that challenges me on a daily basis. After being diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder, Anorexia Nervosa, and Learning Disabilities at a very young age, the future always seemed very out of reach for me. My dreams and ambitions felt out of the question, and even thinking about what was next in life was very scary. I not only went after my dreams, I fought for them. Once you come to the realization that some things in life will never change, and that they are apart of who you are. You learn to live with them, you adapt. My Father always use to tell me to “try and wake up with a new goal everyday even if it’s super small, like making you bed’. Initially, I started my college journey pursuing Fine Art and Design. Being brought up in a very artistic family, it seemed logical of me to carry out the interest of pursuing that path. After more experience in the workplace, and getting more knowledge under my belt I wanted to try out Business. I have always excelled in helping and talking to others, being able to create something out of nothing was always a huge passion of mine. After years and years of feeling like I was on top of the world in retail, managing a clothing store and flourishing as a Personal Stylist I quickly realized that my passion in helping others was

Presley M  on 12/18/2020 8:48:21 AM

Hello! My name is Presley and I have ADHD and Dyslexia. I have struggled in school my entire life, but I’m choosing to take a step towards my future and have applied to college. I’m excited and nervous about the opportunity, but realize I choose my destiny. God made me who I am and I am sharpening those gift by going to college.

Macayla B  on 12/16/2020 7:30:57 PM

Hey, my name is Macayla Barnhart. I am a freshman at Butler Community College. I have been diagnosed with dyslexia since I was in 1st grade. I had the privilege of getting tutoring through elementary years to help my education. With dyslexia it will never be something you are healed from. I will always struggle with reading and writing. It is something you learn how to utilize rather than something that utilizes you. I got accepted into my dream college but need financial help to be able to accept. Thank you for this opportunity to possibly earn this scholarship.

Angel B  on 12/15/2020 10:12:10 AM

Do PTSD, anxiety, depression, and scotopic sensitivity syndrome count as disabilities? Because my school district and LoneStar College say they count, but I'm not sure if they count for this scholarship.

Caleb H  on 12/8/2020 8:16:46 PM

Hello, I am a high school senior from Fort Collins, Colorado. I was diagnosed with type one diabetes when I was ten. The chronic disease has been hard to deal with at times, but I have managed to maintain an overall unweighted gpa of 3.78. My plan is to attend Colorado State University for a degree in biology. Eventually, I would like to become a pediatric endocrinologist, and use my disability to empathize with those who are also struggling with type one diabetes.

Cody R.  on 12/8/2020 7:55:29 AM

Hi. My name is Cody Reed and I am 20 years old from Arkansas. I was diagnosed with a very rare fatal heart defect in December 2019 after spending3 years dedicated to furthering my education. This abrupt news left me missing a year of college for immediate trips to Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic seeing as the only surgeon that has had remote information on this deformity was there. I have recently reapplied to resume my courses but am struggling financially to continue due to emergency actions. I am interested in this scholarship and would like to know more information on how to apply. Thank you for your time and bless you for your cause!

Presley M  on 12/5/2020 12:15:53 AM

Hello! My name is Presley and I have ADHD and Dyslexia. I have struggled in school my entire life, but I’m choosing to take a step towards my future and have applied to college. I’m excited and nervous about the opportunity, but realize I choose my destiny. God made me who I am and I am sharpening those gift by going to college.

Yneesha C  on 12/2/2020 6:59:36 PM

Good evening. I pray that my letter finds you well. My name is Yneesha Carnell. I live in Thomaston, GA. I just started school back in September for my B.A. in Psychology online. I was diagnosed with Lymphoma years ago and I had to undergo chemotherapy and the side effect was cardiomyopathy. I also have heart failure from the cardiomyopathy with the strain my heart has been put in. I decided to apply because I need help with paying my tuition fees of $508 every semester. My pell grant covers everything except for that. It may not seem like a lot but being on social security on a fixed income that is a lot and still trying to maintain a home and kids. I hope and pray that I will win. I'm trying to better myself and pursue my dreams of being a counselor. I want my kids to see that you don't have to settle for less and go after your dreams even if you are disable. I hope this letter reaches your heart. Best wishes. Yneesha.

Avery T.  on 12/2/2020 2:40:25 PM

Hello I’m Avery and I have severe ADHD as well as dysgraphia. I can not write and focus had never come easy for me but I have learned to work with myself in order to achieve my goals and I’m hoping this scholarship may be able to make that happen

Jaden L  on 12/1/2020 11:44:32 PM

Hi, I’m Jaden LeBean and have recently been diagnosed with ADD, depression, and anxiety. My family and I take this diagnosis very seriously especially considering my older brother’s death earlier this year due to suicide. These hardships have been major personal setbacks to me but have not stopped me from achieving my set goals for high school. I have maintained a 4.0 GPA all throughout high school, have taken all the highest classes offered to me (including Honor’s, AP’s, and Dual Enrollment’s), achieved a 28 on the ACT, and participated in as many extracurriculars as possible. I am Vice President of my high school’s Student Government, a member of the Beta Club, a member of National Honors Society, and even more. As far as sports are concerned, before Covid-19, I participated in Outdoor Track, Indoor Track, and Cross-County, qualified for Louisiana’s Cross-Country All-State Team twice, and even qualified for Louisiana’s State Track Meet my junior year. I plan on being equally or even more involved in my future college’s community and am excited to take a shot at every opportunity that is offered to me.

Ciarra B  on 12/1/2020 9:17:01 PM

Hello. My name is Ciarra Barnes and I am diagnosed with OCD, Bipolar Type 2, ADHD, and Border Line Personality Disorder. All of these had made it extremely difficult to keep a job. I want to work and be a part of society, but it's a struggle that many don't understand. I feel embarrassed to talk about my mental illness to employers, and I end up trying to bear through the work until I break. I'm currently back in school for graphic design, a career that will hopefully be a perfect match for my creative abilities, and need to have a more free and open schedule. I'm living on loans now, and I'm starting work soon at a corporate store in the mall to try and make ends meet. I'm in a semi-abusive home situation and...I just need help.

Grace B  on 12/1/2020 2:01:17 PM

Hello I'm Grace. I'm currently a Senior and have been to 6 schools since the start of high school. I have a severe social anxiety disorder and clinical depression. It's become debilitating and I have even dropped out of 6th and 8th grade because I couldn't get myself out of bed. Over the pandemic, I've lost contact with friends because I've been too mentally drained to even reply back. I can't speak to peers because of my anxiety. Despite struggling, I've been able to keep a 3.9 GPA. I hope to study sociology and counterterrorism.

Erick B  on 11/30/2020 3:31:26 PM

Hello, my name is Erick Boykin and I am a senior located in a small town in Central California. I have struggled with self harm, body dysmorphia, and bipolar disorder for the past couple of years, but through all of the depressive episodes, mania, and severe panic attacks caused by trying on clothes, stepping on a scale, or even eating, I have managed to persevere and am looking to enter college in the fall of 2021. My grades and GPA have been affected negatively by these issues, but I still dream of pursuing a life and career where I can put my creativity, along with my experience, to the test.

Ava N  on 11/30/2020 2:55:14 PM

Hello, I’m Ava. I am currently a senior in high school in Worcester, MA and I have ADHD, anxiety, Triple X syndrome and I was recently diagnosed with Aspergers a year ago. Since I was a child, I’ve been socially awkward and that made me an easy target for people to mistreat me. Students at my school have said that I’m retarded, having extra chromosomes. I felt really depressed at one point in my life but now I’m pushing through the hatred. When I graduate high school I want to attend a 2 year college then transfer. My gpa is currently a 3.2. I would love to study Business.

Calvin R  on 11/30/2020 7:44:34 AM

I am Calvin and I was diagnosed with HFA in 2nd grade. I am hoping college will make up for the first few years of what was supposed to be an amazing high school experience. It wasn't close to amazing for many reasons. I was accepted into the University of Arkansas and I am so excited to start my college experience. My parents will help as much as they can but grants and scholarships are needed.

Jordan  on 11/29/2020 2:33:19 PM

I am a high school senior and have chronic asthma that has had a major impact on my life. My normal breathing is like everyone else being winded- I need a nebulizer and inhalers every day. I have missed school, or been late to school because of treatments. I have had so many nights when I have been up coughing and coughing. The medicine I need to take often increases my anxiety which further impacts my asthma - it is a vicious cycle. I work hard in school to keep my grades up, swim to help my lungs stay strong and try not to limit the impact it has on my life.

Aiden B  on 11/26/2020 8:26:19 AM

Booker T. Washington once said, "Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome." At a very young age, I was diagnosed with ADHD, which I refused to let what most call a "disability" define who I was and who I want to become. With my family's love and support, I was taught that as much of a hindrance that this “disability” could be, I had one of two options: 1. I could use this as an excuse to succumb to the obstacles ahead of me, or 2. Use my intellectual ability, creativity, and continue to set goals in life. I obviously chose the second option and have continuously worked to overcome all the obstacles that have come before me thus far. I am listed as a GT/AP/Honors student with a heavy load of dual enrollment college courses, and I have been heavily involved in FFA. Since my freshman year, I have been a Raymondville FFA officer and participated in livestock shows, career, leadership development events, and fabrication design events/competitions. I was awarded the FFA Lone Star Degree at the Texas FFA State Convention and have been accepted to Texas Tech University for the Fall of 2021. I plan on pursuing a degree in International Relations and Global studies with the hopes of being accepted into Law School so that I may practice International Law. I am a highly self-motivated individual with a strong family support system, and I am excited about moving on to the next chapter of my life. I have every intention of using my education to make a positive impact in the world.

Molly C  on 11/24/2020 10:17:09 AM

Hi, I’m Molly Cummins and I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes when I was four. Now a senior at Averill Park High School, I have learned to manage my disease as i have grown into the young adult I am now. My plan is to do to major in Premedical Sciences and one day go to medical school to become a doctor.

Nevaeh S.  on 11/22/2020 3:24:07 PM

Hello, my name is Nevaeh Suchsland. Since I was born, I have been called a “medical mystery” by many doctors. I have struggled with chronic pain, dislocated joints, weight loss, migraines, dizzy spells, allergic reactions, fainting episodes and a variety of other chronic symptoms. I was 15 years old when I took my first trip to The Mayo Clinic to find out what was wrong with me. Two Mayo Clinic visits later I finally found out I have the following conditions: POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) which is a syndrome that affects all autonomic systems , Gastroparesis which means paralyzation of the stomach muscles, Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome (MALS) which means my median arcuate ligament presses too tightly on my celiac artery, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) which causes random anaphylaxis, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) which causes hypermobile joints and affects my connective tissue. Despite all of the life altering factors, I still have managed to put myself out there and try to live a normal teenage life. School has been exceptionally arduous but I still participate in things like cross country, track and field, FFA, DECA, running for class officer, being on Kearney High’s ProStart cooking team, and trying my hardest to benefit my community while dealing with chronic illness. Regardless of being chronically ill, I have always found it important to be a leadership figure and to make sure everyone feels cared for. Having a bold personality helps me to push myself and I feel it is important for me to continue to persevere and to further my education. With the support of my friends and family, I have always believed that God has a plan for me and He will help me take the next step to succeed educationally.

Isabel Varela  on 11/19/2020 10:44:47 PM

My name is Isabel Varela, I would like to apply for the Wells Fargo Scholarship Program for People with Disabilities Although I’m personally not disable my father has been Diabetic type 1 since the age of 5 and as a result of this disease, he became blind 7 years ago. I would very much apricate your consideration awarding me the scholarship I’m interested in forensic science and I hope to be admitted to Penn State I’m currently the yearbook chief for my school,Bonita High School In Laverne, CA, and hold a 3.9-grade average.

Torran S  on 11/19/2020 5:22:23 PM

My name is Torran, and all my life I've had my ADHD misdiagnosed as just Anxiety and Depression (which I still currently have). I'm currently 19 years old, and I'm doing my best to get through nursing school. I am a sophomore at York College, and I was only diagnosed a month ago, and being in a pandemic, it has been extremely hard to schedule appointments for medication. It has been a rough one this year, but I've always tried to look on the bright side. Right now, my mother and I are working to pay off loans, all while I do my best to keep my grades up ! Right now, my GPA is ~3.3, which I'm very proud of, and I'm extremely excited for my clinical courses ! My family and I would be extremely grateful for a scholarship like this, so I'll apply and keep my fingers crossed ! To all of the rest of you, good luck, I wish you the best. I'm sure you could all benefit from such an amazing opportunity !

Anthony T  on 11/18/2020 12:42:27 PM

Hello, my name is Anthony Tomkunas. I am a senior in high school who has struggled with a tracking disability in my left since I was a child. When I was around seven months old I fell down a flight of stares and cracked my head open three quarters of the way around leaving me with the tracking issues. I've always been very slow when it comes to school work because the disability works somewhat like dyslexia where words and letters flip causing me to mess up while reading. I've been to vision therapy which helped immensely to strengthen my eye, but I still struggle with it today. I have a 3.2 GPA and have an idea of where i want to attend college.

Mackenzie S.  on 11/17/2020 12:14:34 PM

I am Mackenzie Skiver. I am a senior at Wheelersburg High School. After graduating high school, I plan to attend a four-year university in hopes of becoming a nurse. I have had Type One Diabetes for 6 years and it has made school a little more difficult due to my blood sugars. In addition to diabetes, I also have Hashimoto´s disease which affects my thyroid and I am Anemic. With the extra help from the Wells Fargo Scholarship Program, I will be able to achieve my goals in the future.

sereniti c  on 11/16/2020 10:45:17 PM

hello, my name is sereniti Calhoun I'm currently enrolled at Langston university completing my sophomore year of school. When i was three years old, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis ,which affected my everyday routines due to the stiffness and pain throughout my body. Most days its a struggle to wash my face ,brush my teeth ,take showers or baths, whip myself when I finish using the restroom or to even get dress and cook for myself. Over the years I hoped thing's would get better with my RA but it seem as if its getting worst, every morning I have to take 6 to 10 pills just so I can get up an move around ,the medicine I do take, when I can afford it only takes the pain from a 20 to a 10. Very few people know I have RA because sometimes its hard to get people to understand that children can get Ra as well as older people and the different ways it effects everyone .Throughout my years of struggling with RA and having to answer the same questions like "why are you limping are you ok"? "why you got that scar on you hand"? or "how come you missed a week of school"? I got tired of explaining to all my classmate that I limp because my foot and knee is swollen an it hurts when I take a step or the fact that my hand has a huge scar on it from my hand surgery to stop my hand from forming into a ball for the rest of my life and that I miss school so much because I had to go get infusing's so my body can get the care that it need. Someday' s I wish I could remove the RA from my body so I can do activities that kids my age are doing without my body shutting down .This scholarship would help me so I can continue to go to school without having to add the struggle of finding ways to pay for my medicine and tuition

Kellie C  on 11/16/2020 10:06:43 PM

Hi my name is Kellie, I am a freshman at Lone Star college and I have a condition call Dysautonomia. dysautonomia is an autoimmune disorder that affects the nervous system and circulatory system. Chronic pain, kidney problems, tachycardia, and fatigue are only a few symptoms I deal with. My illness caused me to drop out of high school when I was only fifteen years old. However, I did not let that stop me, getting my GED online. I am an excellent student and try my best to not let my illness stop me from succeeding. One of the things I do to help me through the week is a saline infusion through a port in my chest once a week. Getting this scholarship will help me pay for college my GPA is 4.0 for the fall semester of 2020

Chloe J  on 11/15/2020 11:53:18 PM

Hi, my name is Chloe Joy, and I am a sophomore at Texas A&M University. I have been diagnosed with general anxiety, major depressive disorder, ADHD, and PTSD, which have influenced my life since I was young. Throughout high school I had multiple methods for keeping my disabilities in check, but those fell apart under the stress of starting college, and my freshman year was a disaster - I finished my first semester with a 2.2 GPA. Since then I have found a good support network, and have discovered how to manage my disabilities in order to succeed in college.

Franklin Bowen  on 11/14/2020 8:11:03 PM

Hello, my name is Franklin Bowen. I am a veteran who has ptsd and major depressive disorder. Currently looking to go back to school to obtain my associates in entrepreneurship degree! Any help would be much obliged.. thank you.

Humera Patel  on 11/13/2020 8:51:23 PM

Hi, my name is Humera Patel. I am a senior at Theodore Roosevelt High School and I have Spina Bifida. I have difficulty walking so I need to hold on to someone or something. I really want to study and I think this scholarship will really help. I don 't want anything to come in the way of my education.

Mackenzie M  on 11/13/2020 7:08:55 PM

Hi, my name is MackenzeMarkle. I have had an IEP since the 2nd grade. I suffer from severe test anxiety and require extra time on all exams. I study very extremely hard for all exams and the only reason I do well is because I have extra time to process my thoughts because I get so nervous.

Lauren T  on 11/12/2020 10:54:41 AM

Hi, my name is Lauren Taylor and I am a Senior at Searcy High School. I qualify for this scholarship because I have General Anxiety Disorder and PTSD as well. I have stuggled with these since my childhood, but didn't know about them until a couple months ago. I am having to find myself in the process of finding scholarships as well. I come from a not so rich family, so scholarships are going to get me through the school of my choice. The school of my choice is Arkansas State University- Beebe for my basics, then I will transfer to University of Central Arkansas for a degree in Nursing. I want to be able to help people for my career, and I don't necessarily see my disorders as holding me back, but instead as instruments to relate with others and to help them. Thank you!

Grecia Gomez  on 11/10/2020 11:55:07 PM

Hey, my name is Grecia Gomez. I am currently a senior, I have been diagnosed with Nail Patella Syndrome. My disability has definitely been a challenge for my academics, they affect me by constantly being sick and unable to attend classes. Even if my syndrome places a huge obstacle in my life, I still let it not completely consume me nor let it define me. I want to purse my dreams, and one if them is to attend a 4 year college.

Spencer Y  on 11/10/2020 3:30:11 PM

Hi I have been diagnosed with Carney Complex and when I was 8 years old I had open heart surgery. In 2017 I had to have my adrenal glands removed and had difficulty in high school because they messed me up. I really want to be a radiologist and go to college in the fall of 2021.

Zhoneil J  on 11/8/2020 4:44:20 PM

Hi, I'm Zhoneil Johnson. I am a junior in mount Vernon new york and I have been diagnosed with ADHD and Depression. I've struggled with this since I was very young and really took a toll on my education. I wish to study radiology in college but grades is a problem

Vanessa B  on 11/4/2020 3:41:14 PM

Hi everyone, my name is Vanessa and I am a senior at Old Dominion University. This year has been a hard year since I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, post-concussion syndrome, and chronic migraine headaches. I usually have an active lifestyle since I was on athletic scholarship but I decided to just go to school academically because of my medical conditions. I am inspired to go to graduate school and get a master's degree for non-profit management. I want to own my own non-profit organization to help kids/adults like us who have chronic illnesses and to share our stories. I read a majority of stories on this page, and I believe that all of our stories deserve to be heard.

Anna T  on 11/4/2020 1:34:26 PM

Anna T on 11/4/2020 Hi, I'm Anna Terranova and am a senior at Dallastown High School in Pennsylvania. I am a CP student with visual and hearing impairments. I was born at 26 weeks gestation and weighed 2lbs at birth. I have struggled all my life but somehow I manage to overcome any obstacle that comes my way. My wish is to attend college with a desire to study animal behavior because I love animals and they are my passion. I'm so excited to see what the future holds for me.

GRACIE C  on 11/4/2020 1:19:42 PM

Hi, I am Gracie. I am a senior at Riverside. I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when I was 18 months old. A few years ago I was diagnosed with liver disease (due to CF) and CFRD. My hopes for the future are to become an OBGYN. I am seeking scholarships and grants for students with terminal illnesses. I have a GPA of 3.5 and I am taking dual enrollment classes (college credits). I have been a cheerleader for 4 years, a member of the Beta Club, FCCLA, etc. I will be graduating in May of 2021 and am looking forward to continuing my education in the Fall following. Thanks

Kaylah E  on 11/3/2020 7:15:14 PM

Hi, I am Kaylah Espinoza. I was born with a disorder called amniotic band syndrome. I don't have either of my hands (only up to my wrists) and don't have my right lower leg either. I am able to walk because of my prosthetic leg. I am currently a high school senior. I have never let my disability get in my way, although there are things I do have to adjust to, due to this disability.

Kaylee O  on 10/30/2020 7:07:37 PM

As I reflect back on my life, I realize I have come a long way in my education. My journey was difficult, I struggled in school early on. I always did good enough to pass a class but not good enough to meet the curriculum expectations. Before I got the help I needed I found it extremely difficult to focus in the classroom and often would get sidetracked during a lesson. Finally, in fifth grade, I was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder known as ADHD. I began receiving help for my ADHD, however, I still faced many difficulties. For the first eight years of school, I struggled to keep up with my peers. I had always been one of the mature students in my classes, but I was constantly falling behind with my education. I was constantly struggling to understand what we were learning in the classroom. The issue was that with ADHD I learn differently than other students. Even though I consider myself an intelligent student, I just comprehend things differently from the others around me. Due to the confusion in the classroom, I became overwhelmed thinking about how I would never catch up with my education. As a consequence of this, I became very shy and I developed anxiety when I would have to participate in a class discussion. Now I am a freshman at New England college, I have come a long way and am proud of my growth. I am applying for this scholarship to help support me along my journey, to continue my education.

Janae K  on 10/30/2020 2:10:13 PM

Hi, I am Janae Kennedy. I was diagnosed with seizure disorders and ADHD. The seizures are really hard to deal with and have made it very hard to work full time and be a student full time in order to fund my school. I really want to continue in my path at college and I have a 3.1 and love what I am studying. I want to graduate college and pursue my Masters and Doctorate degrees in History Education.

Ebony C.  on 10/27/2020 9:50:50 PM

Hi, my name is Ebony Campbell. I am a junior at Mississippi University of Women. I am hearing impaired, which means I am deaf in my right ear. Sometimes I have a hard time trying to keep up with my classwork and always pushing myself without asking for helps. I also have been very sad and with social anxiety, it been hard to for me to keep up with my hearing aid problem and my personally life altogether.

Lorraine M  on 10/27/2020 8:17:21 AM

Hello, my name is Lorraine McGee. In 2015 I was told that I have facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy. I have had a hard time processing it, but I am still working for the best life I can have. Even with knowing I have this disturbing disorder I still have good grades in school. I have a 3.3 GPA and I'm looking for the best college experience, and I believe this scholarship will help me a great deal! Thank you.

Karyne F  on 10/23/2020 9:24:19 PM

Hi, my name is Karyne Foster, I attend Raymond S Kellis HS and am a senior. I have a heart disease, a murmur that has limited me severely from doing sports at all. I always wanted to do soccer and softball but I wasn't able, so instead I turned to theater and dance when I started high school. Due to my bicuspid aortic valve murmur, I am not able to express myself with tattoos or piercings, so I express through choreography. Getting told as a 11 year old that I wasn't able to try out for school sports because of my heart left me broken, I didn't know what to do. For years I just did school and no extra curriculars which left me unenthusiastic about everything. When I got into high school I figured I'd give the dance and theater programs a shot and I fell in love; I have taken every theater class, Im an actress in school plays and I also do tech, on top of being in the top performance dance group at my school.

Jade Z  on 10/23/2020 11:07:45 AM

Hi, I'm Jade Ziegler. I am a senior in Mankato, Minnesota and I was born with Congenital Dislocated Hips on both of my hips. My right hip was corrected when I was really little, but my doctor had to do over 17 surgeries on my left hip and when I was 9, he messed my hip up beyond repair and never called my parents back. I had to have a salvage hip surgery and now it affects my everyday life. I always have pain and I can't move very well. I want to get a good education in a Business Degree so that I can make my life successful and I can do something with it.

Madison H.  on 10/22/2020 9:34:09 PM

Hi, I’m Maddie Hamp. I am a senior at Whitney High School in Rocklin, California. I’ve been diagnosed with Epilepsy in October for 2018, my sophomore year. I missed a total of four months due to doctors appointments and concussions. Once I was told that I could go back to school, by my doctors, I had lost memory and it was very difficult for me to learn as come back and learn grade school work. I had a 3.66 GPA before getting diagnosed, when I came back to school in Spring of 2019, I got a 2.63. I truly want to go to college, became and Nurse that makes people simple while going through tough times. To me, the nurses I had when I was going through Epilepsy, made it very loving, and made me smile, every time I saw them. I want to do that for people that are sick, just like I was. I want to help people, and keep pushing through my hardships.

Maddelen S  on 10/22/2020 10:00:18 AM

Hello, my name is Maddelen Shadrick and I have been diagnosed with Attentive ADHD and Epilepsy. I have struggled to keep up with my school work. It has caused my stress and depression to escalate to the point of a seizure. They even said I may not graduate with my class. I have pushed through these hard times by maintaining a GPA of 3.8. It has been difficult to find a job or even drive at my age. I am 17 and I don't have a driver's license.

Natalie M  on 10/20/2020 2:13:27 PM

Hi, I'm Natalie Mason and I have suffered from Psoriatic Arthritis, Hypothyroidism, and social anxiety disorder which has effected my learning from a young age whether it was from having to miss school or not being able to focus from discomfort. I have always wanted to go to college but it seems almost impossible at the moment to work to afford going to school. So I definitely plan to apply for this scholarship.

Elica C  on 10/20/2020 12:12:32 PM

At the age of 6 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, later on I was diagnosed with ADHD, generalized anxiety disorder and well with deppresive episodes. It has been stressful and overwhelming at times but nothing I can't handle. My name is Elica Cabadas and recieving this scholarship will be a great help acheive my academic goals.

Mya C  on 10/19/2020 12:13:47 PM

Hi, I'm Mya Casalinova. I have been diagnosed with Dyslexia. I was held back, by my parents, in first grade because I was behind all the other kids. I was having issues with reading, writing, sight words, and math. I was taken out of public school and placed in a Catholic school. I attended St. Matthew from first to 6th grade. My third grade teacher noticed I was behind in my reaading, understanding, and math skills. She had me tutor by the school. After once semester and no improvment, at all, she suggested I get evaluated for Dyslexia. I was evaluated through the Akron Public School System and diagnosed. I then went to Akron Children's Hospital for 1 year of Occupational Therapy. They, as well as my parents, gave me the tools to learn, prioritize, and organize my school work and the way I learned. I still struggle some, but I have worked hard to keep my grade point average between 3.6 - 3.8. I have worked extra hard to be accepted into the CCP programs my senior year. I am currently taking online classes through Kent State University and Youngstown University. Thank you.

Faith B  on 10/19/2020 10:46:22 AM

Hi, I'm Faith and I was diagnosed with ADHD in 6th grade and then diagnosed with Anxiety shortly after. I see a counselor and psychiatrist that have helped me learn strategies to maximize my learning. My anxiety has impacted my test taking ability and has lower my GPA but I still found a way to get a 3.0. I have utilized my resources and want to continue to further my education and become a nurse to help others who are struggling. I have used soccer as an outlet for my anxiety and ADHD and it has helped me be more confident. I would love to receive this scholarship to help further my education and take the financial burden off my parents knowing all my therapy isn't covered by insurance and my parents have sacrificed to make my life better.

John A.  on 10/15/2020 11:59:56 AM

Glad that there are scholarships for those of us that have outside struggles but want to be educated.

Ilura M  on 10/14/2020 2:48:49 PM

Hello, I'm Ilura McVey. I'm a senior in Beaverton, Oregon, and I have been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and Bipolar Disorder. I've been dealing with these since I was born, and they've affected the relationships with my family and friends in a negative way, and I have been bullied and picked on my whole life. I am now in foster care, where I am happy. I have big dreams, too big to be contained, and I want to achieve them and go out into the world and show everyone who I am and what I can do.

Hannah  on 10/11/2020 1:14:26 PM

My name is Hannah I currently struggle with Anxiety, Depression and Suicidal Ideation brought on by familial Huntington’s Chorea in my fathers family. I have completed our local 2 yr Vo-Tech Medical Program and placed in the national HOSA Forensic Science competition in 2019. I plan to attend USA majoring in Bio-Medical to continue in becoming a PA.

Arnav K  on 10/10/2020 7:16:29 PM

Hello all my name is Arnav Khode. I am a senior from Matawan NJ; I have been diagnosed with Autism since I was 2. It has impacted my communication abilities, but I managed to slowly overcome it by joining lots of afterschool activities. I am planning to study international studies when I go to college. When will the application for this scholarship open? Pls let me know asap. Thanks

Guadalupe A  on 10/10/2020 12:53:19 AM

Hello! My name is Guadalupe Aguilar. I am currently a senior in Livingston High School in California. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 11. I would love to apply for this scholarship & truly attend MJC to pursue my career dream of becoming an optician. My gpa is a 3.7. I hope to hear from you soon

Juliette Boivin  on 10/9/2020 1:18:26 AM

Hello, My name is Juliette, I am a senior in high school this year. I will be attending medical school to become a pediatric nurse. I’ve been around nurses my entire life and I just knew that I wanted to give back and help those in need one day, just like my nurses did for me. I was born with Glaucoma, it is rare in children but it effects my eyes and my everyday vision. Unfortunately when I was born the doctors were not able to save my left eye. So now I am legally blind in my left eye and I wear glasses and take eye drops everyday to keep my right eye safe. I plan on applying for this scholarship so that I can afford to go to Oregon Institute of Technology and study to become a Pediatric Nurse.

Jessie E  on 10/7/2020 11:13:43 AM

Hi, I’m Jessie Ehrisman. I am a senior in Cheyenne Wyoming and I have been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder, and Major depressive disorder, these issue have effect me since I was a young child and through out the years I have struggled with this part of myself. I have even attempted suicide. This has effected my high school experience and lowered my GPA but I truly want to go to college and have a career and keep pushing through my hardships.

Colin P  on 10/6/2020 8:42:19 AM

Hi, Im Colin and i have suffered from unilateral hearing loss since the first day of my life. Being in a classroom and not being able to know where sound is coming from or not picking up everything the first time became a battle between my future and my disability. Through tests and trials to see what really works for me i now am booming in high school with a 3.3 GPA while taking mostly advanced courses!

Miranda O  on 9/29/2020 12:45:38 AM

HI my name is Miranda I am a senior with a learning disability and Anxiety I know what I want to study but I have always struggled form a young due to my disability

Aaliyah w  on 9/28/2020 8:19:20 PM

Hi, my name is Aaliyah. I am a senior in Highschool. I have a pacemaker & am diagnosed with Super ventricular tachycardia. I know what college I will be attending as well as what I want to study.. I plan to apply for this scholarship !

Andrei C  on 9/28/2020 6:28:59 PM

I am a senior with RHD. I am often told not to push myself. Luckily, I am able to play varsity football and enjoy an active life. With RHD I want to enjoy everything and experience all the things I want to do because who knows what could happen to my heart. So, I would like to pursue my dreams and attend college with help.

Rocco D  on 9/28/2020 12:57:19 PM

Hello my name is Rocco and I have ADHD and would like to pursue a Master's degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Central Florida. While reading the comments, I see students with as many as 6 disabilities and I kind of feel bad for applying for this. I feel like they need it more than me. However, I still applied for this because I need it as well, but I felt guilty while applying.

shara cardona  on 9/23/2020 10:53:00 PM

Hi, My name is Shara Cardona. Im a freshmen at edinburg hs and i graduate in 2024. I have anixity and its hard to contral . My gpa is 4.0 and 3.8 i try my best at my school i know things are geting more difecalt . I hope im one of the first ones to go to collage

Taylor R  on 9/11/2020 9:10:52 AM

Hi, My name is Taylor. I am a high-school senior with Autism, Epilepsy, ADHD, anxiety and depression, and PTSD. I already know what I want to study and what college I want to attend. What is the best possible process I need to take in order to have a chance at a scholarship?

Madeleine H  on 9/9/2020 9:18:08 PM

Hello, I'm a high school senior with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Reactive Hypoglycemia, and an undiagnosed digestive disorder. I want to pursue Respiratory Therapy at UTSA. I have maintained a 4.0-3.8 GPA throughout high school, and I try my hardest everyday. Can't wait to apply for this scholarship!

Aaron G  on 9/1/2020 7:17:49 PM

Hello I am a a high school student who is interesting in theatre or film. I have dyslexia and it has made it difficult for me to do good in my academics, I have been fighting what feels like a disease in my head in hopes to do good in school and be the first of my family to attend college.

Isaiah W  on 8/28/2020 11:23:10 AM

I am a high school student of senior and Autistic or have autism(ASD) and life was difficult to find a college or university for me.It was my dream to be part of the disability team.

Samantha B  on 8/26/2020 9:35:07 PM

I am a student with adhd, impulse control disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. I do also suffer from other disabilities. However, I never let that get in the way of what i want to do in life. It’s strive for excellence. I hoping through this scholarship, I will be able to continue that dream of becoming successful. Though have been rough I will keep moving forward.

Susan L Ledesma  on 8/24/2020 2:55:28 PM

I am a dissabled parent, struggling to put my daughter through college, I applied for the famsa but I guess it wasn't enough, my daughter really needs the help, I don't want her to drop out, and as her mother feel hopeless for not being able to work. Thank you

Savannah V  on 8/22/2020 8:18:31 PM

I am looking to go to Full Sail University. Bipolar Disorder and ADHD always made it hard for me to keep up my grades in school. I hope that through the Wells Fargo scholarship I can afford to pursue the career I've always wanted

Nhyla Beaty  on 8/20/2020 9:00:23 PM

Nhyla is my 18 year old daughter that was born deaf. She also has hearing aids as well. She wants to go to college and experience the college life and I want her to experience it as well even though she’s hearing impaired. It would be a blessing if she received a scholarship to give her what she desires. Sincerely, Her Mom Ebony

Maribeth Tihge 8/18/20  on 8/18/2020 11:00:03 PM

I am a hard working student who is searching and finding ways to finish my last 2 courses at housatonic community technical college. I am in general studies for the moment, and even with my disability of ptsd and bipolarism, I am determined to finishing my degree.

Alana Z  on 8/18/2020 4:50:44 PM

I am a high school graduate who was diagnosed at birth with Cystic Fibrosis and I want to attend the International School of Beauty to become a licensed esthetician. I love learning new things especially when it comes to showing and bringing out the beauty in other people, and I especially love making people smile, It would be an honor if the Wells Fargo scholarship program can help me achieve this goal of mine.

Luke W  on 8/16/2020 3:52:00 PM

Waiting for the scholarship application to open. Currently unavailable on the website

Wajiha Qureshi  on 8/4/2020 2:02:28 PM

I think I have apply. I really need scholarship. I have been trying to find any scholarship and I never won any scholarship. This is my only chance to win a scholarship.

Ellise B.  on 8/3/2020 2:48:45 PM

I am a student with Type One Diabetes who has been able to maintain a GPA at, and above, a 4.0. Diabetes has certainly made learning much harder for me, and I am hoping that all of this extra time and work will be noticed by scholarship foundations. Everyone who has struggled with a disability throughout their academic career are some of the strongest people I have ever met. We deserve to be recognized.

Yazmine G  on 8/3/2020 2:34:17 PM

I am a high school senior who has ADHD, who plans to attend either Lamar University or Texas A&M Commerce. Although, I do have have ADHD which tends to keep me from focusing naturally and has made my impulsivity go through the roof, will never stop me from achieving my dreams. I take almost all honors and Advance placement classes due to the fact that I know I can push my self to complete the courses. I have maintained a 3.4 gpa on a 5.0 scale and I show no signs of stopping. With the help of this scholarship for people with disabilities I believe that I can show the world that you can do anything, even go to college, while having a "mental" disability.

Abigail Farrar  on 8/1/2020 4:24:47 PM

I am a high school senior who looking to go to the University of Pittsburgh or Florida Atlantic University. Dyslexia has always made school more difficult for me and it takes me longer to finish text, homework, ect. I'm hoping through the wells Fargo scholarship program for people with disabilities I can go to the collage of my dreams and go on to change lives.

Amen K  on 7/27/2020 10:31:27 PM

Hi, I am a student from Middlesex County College and will be transferring to Rutgers this Fall. I have a disability known as Hard of Hearing (HOH). With my disability, I also faced a lot of health complications from the age of 2 to end of freshman year of college. I still struggled few health issues now. I am interested in majoring in psychology to become a recreational therapy or special ed teacher. I am choosing a career that I have experiences in. Since Rutgers is a 4 year university and with Covid 19 - It's been extremely difficult for me to decide if I want to further my education at a 4 year college. This scholarships will help me make a decision to continue my education at Rutgers. Thank you.

Janelle E  on 7/22/2020 10:20:26 PM

I am a student who struggles with bipolar disorder and anxiety; these disorders make school incredibly difficult for me as it makes it hard for me to focus and stay motivated.

Jasmine T  on 7/22/2020 7:31:25 PM

I would love to apply for this scholarship. I am a high school senior and will be graduating Spring 2021. My goal is to pursue nursing after high school. I was diagnosed with Sickle Cell SS at birth and recently diagnosed with Chiari Malformation and syringomyelia.

Lane D Chapman  on 7/22/2020 3:29:31 PM

I am a student with dyslexia. I am currently enrolled at Quincy University majoring in aviation. Having a learning disability does not define who I am, it has taught me I have to work harder than most. I am applying for the Wells Fargo scholarship so that maybe the financial burden is one less thing I have to worry about. Please help me fulfill my dream. Thank you

Micaela P  on 7/15/2020 8:19:00 PM

I am a full time student at Salem State University perusing a degree in psychology. I have a moderate hearing loss and have since birth. I am hoping that the Wells Fargo Scholarship will help me finish my last year of undergrad so that I can pursue a good career.

Hannah C  on 7/10/2020 4:51:11 PM

I am a 2020 graduated senior planing on going to west liberty university in West Virginia. I have PTSD, severe depression and anxiety, scoliosis and arthritis. My question is, as long as I am enrolling in a college in the United States I’m eligible for this scholarship?

Yasmin A. Melero  on 6/25/2020 1:26:36 PM

Hello, I am a college senior attending Jackson State University, and I am also a college softball player there. My major is in Communicative Disorders and I am looking to be a Speech and Language Pathologist. I have recently been diagnosed with Depressive Bi-Polar Disorder, PTSD, and anxiety. My disorders have made these past years of school exceptionally difficult for me, and I am hoping I qualify for this scholarship as it would greatly aid me in journey to finish school.

Amen K  on 6/24/2020 10:35:54 AM

Hi, I am a student with hearing impairments, transferred from Middlesex County College to attend Rutgers New Brunswick for Fall 2020. I believe this scholarship will help me further my education and transform my dreams into reality.

Jonathan V  on 6/5/2020 9:05:44 AM

Am interested in the Wells Fargo Scholarship to help pursue my dream of working at ASDB and give back to the students as they have helped me in my struggles of being visually impaired.

Audra B  on 6/4/2020 5:09:30 PM

I am a student studying environmental engineering. I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that has turned my world upside-down. I am hoping that this scholarship will help support me in pursuing the care of our environment.

Taylor B  on 6/3/2020 11:31:47 AM

I am a double major of Musical Theatre and Music Ed, with a minor in Dance at Carthage College. I have Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which makes concentrating difficult. Even though I have multiple flashbacks daily that can lead to migraines and pain mentally and physically. I like to work hard especially on the things I love. My majors are not just my own coping mechanism, but also what I want in my future. It is very hard for me to focus on being present and in the moment, and when I'm singing, dancing, and acting I feel in the moment and feel alive instead of being trapped in echos of the past. These majors help me stay in the moment and I want to pursue what I love.

Chloe C.  on 5/26/2020 7:40:09 PM

I am currently a high school graduate that has an autoimmune disorder called Hashimoto's Disease. I am planning to attend Abilene Christian University in the fall of 2020. I hope that this Wells Fargo Scholarship for people with disabilities can help me achieve my dream college!

Thomas G  on 5/21/2020 6:08:30 PM

I'm clinically diagnosed with bipolar, general anxiety disorder, and depresion. I will be finished with my A.S. degree in medical billing and coding on June 28th. Then on July 6th I will be starting my B.S. in healthcare administration. The Wells Fargo scholarship program will be a big help to finish my degree.

Caitlynn T  on 5/1/2020 5:48:56 PM

I am a college student living with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy which has always made it difficult to focus during class. I have always been a good student, but it can be hard to focus after a seizure occurs. It would be a huge help to receive this scholarship to allow me to continue following my dreams into my expected graduation year.

Tiffany M  on 4/30/2020 12:23:51 PM

Hi, I am currently a freshman, undergraduate student enrolled at Converse University. During my first semester, I overloaded myself. I know that's my fault, but it made me realize how debilitating Bipolar can be. I took on 4 classes adding up to 18 credits. I worked day and night to keep my grades up. I was oftentimes sleep-deprived and didn't want to admit I needed help. That, sadly, is one of my biggest downfalls. I had numerous breakdowns and manic episodes and practically ran on autopilot throughout my whole semester. I was so in denial I wanted to sign up for just as much the next semester. I had to be confronted by my family to notice that I needed help. I hate having to admit I need medicine even though I know I do. I come from a poor family and I worked my butt off for my whole school career to make sure I had some chance at college. I worked so hard I got a little bit of money back from my college from all the scholarships I recieved, which I spent on books. I would appreciate any assistance, but I understand there's other people in the world who may need it more.

demosha w  on 4/13/2020 8:41:19 AM

I am a high school student with sickle cell trying to go to Georgia Highlands. With my sickness it have made school hard and not great for me I am hoping Georgia Highlands except me so I can go for physical therapist. I really need the money for school because it's gone be hard for my family to pay for me because I have other siblings. This will really be i life dream Because this is all I eve want is to be the first to go big in my family with my sickness.

Abigail T  on 4/9/2020 3:28:36 PM

I am a student with hearing loss looking to continue my education at Iona College this fall. I am hoping that this Wells Fargo Scholarship Program can help me in pursuing my dreams of becoming a speech pathologist teacher.

demosha w  on 4/8/2020 5:03:01 PM

I am a high school student with sickle cell trying to go to Georgia Highlands. With my sickness it have made school hard and not great for me I am hoping Georgia Highlands except me so I can go for physical therapist. I really need the money for school because it's gone be hard for my family to pay for me because I have other siblings. This will really be i life dream Because this is all I eve want is to be the first to go big in my family with my sickness.

Zalika L  on 3/29/2020 8:41:49 PM

I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar Type 2 and I continue to strive for the best. I'm a 16yo senior and have been accepted to Keiser University and the Wells Fargo Scholarship will greatly help me in attaining my first decree.

Tanner P  on 3/13/2020 2:33:56 PM

i am a student with adhd looking to go to NDSU adhd has always made school harder for me i am hoping that through the wells fargo scholarship program for people with disabilities i can achieve all my life dreams.