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January 11, 2024

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  • The Jackie Robinson Foundation provides a multi-faceted experience designed to not only address the financial needs of students who aspire to attend college but to guide them through the process of higher education. To be eligible for a Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship, an applicant must: be a graduating, minority high school senior; be a United States citizen; present evidence of financial need; demonstrate a record of academic excellence; demonstrate leadership potential and a dedication to community service.

    Applicants must submit an official SAT and/or ACT test exam score from junior or senior year; plan to attend an accredited and approved 4-year college within the United States or affiliated with a United States-based college or university; and not possess a degree from, or be enrolled in, a 2 or 4–year college when applying.
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Lois b  on 1/23/2023 9:43:25 PM

Hello , My name is Lois Boateng I am currently a senior in Highschool. I would love to study political Science to become a Lawyer. Currently my family is going through financial difficulties and I believe this scholarship will help me to accomplish my dreams of becoming a lawyer and serving my community.

Abigaelle M  on 1/9/2023 2:51:00 PM

I intend to attend college to further my education and become an ultrasound technician. Right now, I'm considering of attending Pennsylvania State University and majoring in radiological science. My name is Abigaelle and I am adopted from Haiti and been a United States citizen for over 16+ years! I was adopted because my family was very young and didn’t have the financial resources to raise me so they gave me up to hopefully have a wonderful life. When I lived in Haiti I spoke Creole which is a language that is mixed with French. Coming to the U.S was a big change for a young girl who moved to a whole new country at the age of two. This 30,000 scholarship would help me by paying for my tuition.

Jack C  on 1/6/2023 11:49:19 AM

Hello, my name is Jack Coulborn. I was to study biochemistry to pursue the study of medicine and maybe become a doctor. I was to apply for this because my mom can't afford my college and I have an other sister going into college too. I was to help people life healthy and happier life with my major choice. I wish that everyone could get this and I think everyone should. I want to make my mom proud it's scary I'm the first in my family to go to college and I don't know what to do with money.

Aicha K  on 12/22/2022 11:27:11 AM

Hi my name is Aicha Konte. I am a senior at West Haven High School in Connecticut. I want to apply for this scholarship because my father has a low income so he won't be able to pay for my education. My elder sister dropped out of school because she couldn't pay for it. I really need it to pursue my studies, make my dreams come true and help my family. I would be honored to be considered for the Jackie Robinson foundation scholarship.

Jimmy B  on 10/7/2022 7:54:34 AM

Hello, my name is Jimmy Brown. I am an African American Honor student since 2nd grade. I’m a senior in high school. I am applying for this scholarship so that my situation of financial hardship to go to college does not prevent me from my heart’s desire to help people as my future career. I’ve played football for 9 years straight and during my life time I’ve seen a lot of unhealthy people and multiple injuries. I want to help people especially upcoming generations and elderly get healthy and live and improve their bodies.

Magdalena K  on 1/11/2022 6:50:17 PM

Hello, my name is Magdalena Kokenge and I live in Missouri. I have looked all over to apply for scholarships and when I saw this was about Jackie Robinson, I had to apply. I think he had and still has an incredible impact not only on the black community but also on those communities that are made of minorities. My mother is Latina and I have the great privilege of having her blood. This is a lot of scholarship money too and my family has been under a financial burden for as long as I remember and I want to help them as much as I can by applying to scholarships. Whether I win or not, I am proud to say that I applied to such a great scholarship with such a great name to it. I have two older siblings in college and that is already a big money burden to my parents and when I got into a college that had a great program, my parents said to go there and they would help as much as they could. I felt terrible because I knew that my parents would have a hard time to pay but my father and mother want what is best for me which is good education. I want to make them proud and I will do anything to do that.

Daisy A  on 1/31/2021 8:45:40 PM

Hello, my name is Daisy! I live in Maryland. Thank you so much for providing all of us students with a chance to win this scholarship. I personally applied for this scholarship because my mother, older brother, and I will all be in college. In three years, my other sister will do the same, and that is a lot of tuition money. I personally do not wish for my parents to have to be in that situation, again, hence the reason why I submitted an application. Whether I win this or not, I'm just glad I took the opportunity. Jackie Robinson reminds me every day that I can do anything, even as an African American girl with immigrant parents.

Oluwakemi oke o  on 1/30/2021 8:45:59 AM

I really don’t deserve anything at all am a teen mom which everyone think can’t move forward and don’t have nobody except my mother , she has been doing everything in her possible best so I won’t be left out and lonely I have been pushing to making sure I complete my education because I don’t want to suffer and I don’t want my baby to suffer either please help me for my son sake because I will do anything to make my mother happy we are in financial inneed please help us any amount my college fees is due on feb 1 and I have nothing with me. Help me .

Malaysia B  on 1/28/2021 4:32:20 PM

I've seen this scholarship before and I've always passed by it, let's see if my faith and works are alligned with this opportunity!!

Teonna J  on 1/13/2021 2:19:27 PM

Hello, my name is Teonna Jones. I am an African American senior in high school. I am applying for the Jackie Robinson scholarship to help my parents and me financially towards establishing and accomplishing my educational goals. I am a hardworking student that has maintained good grades throughout middle school and a 3.6 gpa in high school. I am on a step team at my school that participates in community service activities for the school such as food, toy, and clothing drives. Outside of school community service events, I've volunteered at places such as the Houston and Montgomery Food Bank, CAM Food Pantry and picked up trash at a local park. I hope to get this scholarship so that I don't have to worry about student loan debt. Also, I would like to take the stress off of my parents because they are currently paying for my older sister's college classes. They try so hard to pay for everything so that my older sister doesn’t have to worry about student loan debt, like my mother does. They both work countless hours to provide for my sisters, my brother and I. In college I plan on becoming a nurse. My goal is to give back to the community and provide a non-profit nursing organization that will help low income families get the healthcare they need. Just like Jackie Robinson, I am going to build up my courage and put dedication and effort into everything I do to make the world a better place.

ZaRyiah C  on 1/11/2021 7:54:41 PM

Hello, my name is ZaRyiah and I am a senior at Tyner Academy in Chattanooga, TN. I am applying for this scholarship because I will be the first in my family to attend college. My mother has six children. I am the second child who will be graduating from high school but the first to attend college. Neither my mother nor my daddy is not financially able to pay for my college education. My parents did raise me and my grandparents who raised me are not financially able to pay for my college education. My grandparent raise and did all they could for me to get me to this point where I am today. My grandparent both have health issues and I am not sure how much longer my pawpaw will be able to work. I have dreams of becoming a neo nurse and I know it is expensive to go to college. I don't want to apply for student loans because I know the struggle it is to pay those loans back and I don't want to finish college in debt. I had covid and that caused my grandparents not to be able to go to work but they did all they could to ensure me that I will be alright and not to give up on any of my dreams. Getting this scholarship will be a dream come true for me and will lift a burden off my granny's shoulders because she is trying to do all she can to for me. Thank you for your consideration.

Reighna V  on 1/11/2021 1:40:24 PM

Hi, my name is Reighna Vann. I am a senior attending Westbury Christian School. I am one of 4 children. My older sister is a freshman in college, and I am the second oldest. I wish to attend a Christian university in the fall of 2021. My parents are divorced. My mother is the one who financially provides for me. She was the first to graduate from college in her family 30 years ago. I would like to follow in her footsteps by earning my college degree and being a financial provider for my family one day. I would be honored to be considered for the Jackie Robinson Foundation scholarship based on the legacy that he is in the baseball community and my heritage (I'm 50% African American) and interest in softball.

Kalece W  on 1/5/2021 2:35:43 AM

Hello, my name is Kalece Wills. I go to Middletown High School in Middletown, Ohio. I am applying for this scholarship because I am the youngest out of my parents children, and the last to go to college. If I am awarded this scholarship, this would greatly assist my parents in paying for my college fees. My mother and my father are very good at what they do and work very hard. The last thing I would want for them to do is worry about how they´ll pay for me to go to college. I have never had to want for anything, because my parents have always done their very best for me. I do not want them to need to take out huge loans, that will take them years to pay back. Just to send me to college. They know that I am very passionate about going to college. This scholarship would not only mean so much to me, but so much to them as well. I just want to make them proud.

Tala Qatamin  on 1/3/2021 7:12:50 PM

My name is Tala Qatamin and I am 19 years old. The value of education is something my parents encouraged me with since a very young age. My Family has made many sacrifices to allow me to focus on my studies throughout primary and secondary school even though money has always been tight. I have now an opportunity to make them proud of their elder child and to be a role model for my five younger siblings for them to look up to. Their support and sacrifices throughout those 12 years, has created motivation and energy for me to build leadership skills in my personality. As a result from their support I have always been an active member in school. Known to be the first to volunteer for community service and have served the school with many of my artworks for decorations. I have always gave Art and especially the Art behind Architecture and its history most of my time throughout school years a bigger attention that anything else my deep thinking has lead me to always enjoy creating visual metaphors and use the formal elements in a creative and bold manner, managing to draw upon my strengths while being aware of my weaknesses. But I am committed to do my best for the majority of the time and seek new challenges and grasp ideas quickly and to be a clever artist whose creative mind lends itself to excellent art expression. As a child I have experienced lots changes which were all challenging to me especially moving from one house to another as our family grew. I have always wanted and believed that everyone deserves a decent place for living and new create new structured buildings of all varieties that are fully designed with Art to create more life in them. In secondary school where my Art skills started to improve and I started to become aware that my love towards Art, is beyond just being a hobby. I wanted to apply it to a life carrier, so I started I started participating in for competitions for Art’s to prove for myself that Architect carrier belongs to me, and

Charlene W  on 12/22/2020 9:23:50 PM

Hello, my name is Charlene Wood and I am a senior at Trumbull High School in Trumbull CT. I am applying for this scholarship because I am the 2nd youngest child in my family. I have 3 older brothers and 1 younger brother. My parents have to pay for one of my eldest brothers' college tuition, and in about 2 years they will be having to pay for my little brother. My mom owns her own business and my dad works for FedEx. They both work countless hours, non stop trying to provide for my brothers and me. They give us so much and I just want them to not have to worry about finances for once. They have given my brothers and me everything we could ever ask for. I almost applied for the military to follow in my father's footsteps but for the military to also cover my college tuition. I didn't want my parents to have to worry about my brothers and then me on top of that. I just want them to be there for my brothers. I would love to let them know that they don't have to worry about me anymore. My parents deserve a break. Especially now that my dad is Covid positive and my mother could possibly be too (we are still awaiting her results). This past year has been hell for us and not just because of the pandemic but so many situations within our family. I just pray to god that he sees this, listens to my prayers, and lifts a weight off my parent's shoulders, and not have to do much for me when it comes time that I go to college.

Jasmyne J  on 12/14/2020 2:23:57 PM

my name is Jasmyne Jackson and I want to apply for this scholarship. I am a 10th grade African American student. I would like to apply for this scholarship because, I don't want my parents to pay for anything when I am on my way to college. I want to pay my own way because, I want to be independent. I want to learn how to manage my life and money money. I am a good student and I really need this scholarship. thank you.

La'Zyaria J  on 12/9/2020 7:03:55 AM

Hello, my name is La'Zyaria Johnson I'm a junior in high school I attended the school Glade Central Community High school in a small city named Belle Glade Florida. We are known for our great soil(muck) and our amazing football team. I am the oldest child out of my mother's two kids this scholarship would do so well because my family isn't stable enough to pay for the entire 4 years after college I would have so much money to pay back. I want to major in Business at FAU in Boca I have been committed to this school since my college tour in the 7th grade at Lake Shore middle school. Me getting this scholarship would mean the world to me I have one more year until it's time for me to go to college and at the moment I have no backup plan for college, and I know I should have one but I am really committed to FAU.

Alexya Cortez  on 12/7/2020 12:38:58 PM

Hello, my name is Alexya Cortez, I am a senior at West High School. My parents are both immigrants that work as harvest workers their whole life and till this day they still do. In my family, there is 5 kids including me they are providing for. As a kid, I been knowing their struggles and how they have struggled their whole life just for my siblings and me to get a better education, they both came from very poor families in Mexico. All my siblings and me are not fluent English speakers which makes it difficult for us to understand and speak. They have not received any government assistance whether it's for everyone in California or families. At this moment, I don't work because I take care of my siblings and they want me to focus in my education. I don't have to pay for any expenses that involves me in them since I have good grades, they just want me to focus. Every month, my father pays rent and sometimes we have to limit ourselves on groceries, but they never ask any relatives or friends for help. We live in a Townhouse with 3 rooms which we rent but I share a room with my two other sisters since the other two rooms are for my parents and my two brothers. Having to share is not that bad and my siblings understand my parents struggle which we don't really ask for stuff because it can be useful for them in other ways. I am applying for this scholarship.

Ariba A  on 11/3/2020 7:00:11 PM

Hello, my name is Ariba Ali and I am a senior in high school. I am a South Asian student and have faced several accounts of discrimination which has led me to belittle my self worth, however, my parents expectations of me have pushed me beyond limits and inspired me to find light within darkness. I aspire to be a successful physician and gain knowledge on the complexity of the human body as it always has been of great interest to me. My parents have always provided me with everything in terms of my education. Naturally, I do worry about my future student debt as college is quite pricey. This scholarship would ease my financial worries and help me attain my career goals. I am grateful to be provided with this opportunity, thank you!

Boris C  on 9/19/2020 4:02:49 PM

Yes, I am applying for this scholarship. My name is Boris Combest, Jr. , I am an African American high school senior. I grew up in Memphis, TN and I am currently attending Middle College High School in which I am enrolled in the dual enrollment program with Christian Brothers University.By the end of this year I will have obtained 24 college credit. I have one sister in college and I have a younger brother. My parents adopted my two cousin and we have a young man that is currently in the 9th grade that was displaced that lives with us. Obtaining funding for me will help my parents out greatly. I will major in biology with the plans on become a dentist. This scholarship would really help me to attain my goal. It is require that we do community service at my school. Thank you some much for providing such an opportunity to youths and tomorrow's future. Be safe!

Imani T  on 9/6/2020 12:57:55 PM

Hello, my name is Imani Thomas, I am a bisexual, African American High school senior. Growing up my family didn't have a lot, my mom grew up very different from the way I did and she wanted to give me the best life she could with what she had. I attend a mixed race high school, with multiple different races and ethnicities , however funding is low and often I feel I have to try hard to stand out among so many other students like me. I wasn't able to do a lot in high school, because I transferred in the middle of my sophomore year. I planned to do more for my community this year, however COVID-19 affected my plans drastically. With this being my last year of High School, I want to make sure I'm set for college without having to rely too much on my parents. I am very grateful for the opportunity to hopefully be considered for this scholarship, thank you!

Bryson B  on 7/7/2020 10:23:10 PM

Hi my name is Bryson Battle I am a rising senior in High school as an African American going to a predominantly white High school I always felt watched in a way, like people always there eyes on me but that just gave me more of a reason to stand out in a positive way. I was the first and only person to come out as gay in my in my student class which was hard but ultimately made me who I am today which is a smart, kind, hardworking, talented, individual who this scholarship would mean so much to. My parents have provided any and everything I’ve ever needed for the past 17 years and college is one of the most expensive but fulfilling things to come along in a young persons life so recovering this scholarship would mean so much to me and my family and help further my journey into the real world. Thank you for offering this opportunity to students like me and I hope you will consider me for the scholarship.