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Doreen Montalvo 'Do It Anyway' Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

R.Evolución Latina (RL) is proud to announce the Doreen Montalvo ‘Do It Anyway’ Scholarship. To be eligible for the Doreen Montalvo 'Do It Anyway' Scholarship, applicants must: be at least 30 years old (DOB on or before 1/31); be pursuing a career in the performing arts; be a member of a principal minority group (Latina/Latino/Hispanic, African-American, American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asian or Pacific Islander); have a desire to grow as an artist; and have three years of professional experience.

This scholarship includes the following perks: enrollment in the Beyond Workshop Series, a two-week training period in acting, singing & dancing with broadway & TV/film professionals; serving as a R.Evolución Latina leader to fellow artists, youth and event teams; performance opportunities (Concerts, Media/Press Events, Productions, etc); and a partnership to create further work in the upcoming school year. Besides completing the application, applicants must also submit: a headshot; a resume; a video/audio of past performances or work; and an essay (100 words) describing why you should be considered. Scholarship Search