Illinois Sheriffs' Association Scholarship

March 15, 2025
Awards Available: 100

Scholarship Description

To be eligible for the Illinois Sheriffs' Association Scholarship, applicants must be permanent residents of Illinois and be enrolled as a full-time college student during the upcoming school year (excluding summer session). Scholarships are to be utilized at institutions of higher learning within the State of Illinois. Only the immediate family of the Sheriff is ineligible to apply. Families of Sheriff’s office employees are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Applications run from the Winter until the due date.

Scholarship funds are intended to assist students with the cost of tuition, fees, and books only. No funds can be used for housing or any other incurred expenses. If a lesser amount (less than $500) covers all tuition, books and fees required of the student chosen, that lesser amount will be awarded. The scholarship funds will be paid directly to the school on behalf of the recipient with the instructions that 1/2 is to be credited to the fall semester and 1/2 to the spring semester. Scholarship Search