PMI James "Jim" Rankin Memorial Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

The James Rankin Memorial Scholarship is an academic scholarship open to all students pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in Project Management or related fields of study from accredited, degree-granting colleges and universities. Applicants must be students in the Dallas/Fort Worth area attending or planning to attend an accredited degree program in the area, an area student attending an accredited degree program in the U.S., or a Texas student attending an accredited degree program in the U.S. This is open to all degree levels, and applicants do not need to be a PMI member.

All completed applications accompanied by all required supporting materials will be evaluated the PMI volunteer reviewers. Applicants will be scored using a point system based on the quality of the content of the essay, the student’s academic performance, review of letters of recommendation and the alignment of a candidate’s coursework to the field of project management. All decisions by the review committee are final and any attempts by applicants to lobby or persuade the committee during the process will result in immediate disqualification. Scholarship Search