ASCE New Hampshire High School Scholarship

April 30, 2025
Awards Available: 4

Scholarship Description

Applicants of the ASCE New Hampshire High School Scholarship must be a resident of the State of New Hampshire and be a current senior in a New Hampshire high school. The student must have applied to and been accepted by a four-year engineering program. Award winners will be based on receipt of all completed application materials and the most compelling essay as determined by the judges. In addition to the scholarship award, each ASCE-NH High School Scholarship winner may have the opportunity to communicate with a civil engineering professional mentor during the first year of college.

Besides completing the application, applicants must also submit a copy of their transcript, letter of reference (from a teacher or civil engineer), and an essay on the ASCE-NH High School Scholarship topic that is listed (the essay should be two-pages maximum, double-spaced and using 12-point font. The student’s name, address, email (if available) and high school should be included on the first page along with the title of the essay.). It is the hope of ASCE-NH to increase the awareness of the civil engineering profession for high school students in the state of New Hampshire. Scholarship Search