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The Dingwall Dissertation Fellowship in the Cognitive, Clinical, and Neural Foundations of Language

May 1, 2024
Awards Available: 3

Scholarship Description

The Dingwall Dissertation Fellowships in the Cognitive, Clinical, and Neural Foundations of Language are for doctoral candidates who are specializing in the cognitive, clinical, and neural foundations of language. The objective of these fellowships is to allow the recipients to devote their full time to the completion of their doctoral dissertations. The funds may be used for living expenses, health insurance, equipment, travel, or any other purpose related to the completion of the doctoral dissertation.

The nominee will be selected by a process to be decided upon by their program or department. The nomination should be made in a letter from the Department/Program Head or Graduate Director that briefly (1) describes the selection process, (2) summarizes the considerations that led to the selection of this particular doctoral candidate as the program’s nominee, and (3) describes the nominee’s additional funds, if any, including amounts, sources, purposes (such as travel expenses, research costs, living expenses, etc), and any requirements for duties to be performed.

In support of the nomination, the nominee should submit a summary of their dissertation proposal of not less than 500 and not more than 1,000 words and whatever preliminary data are available, an official transcript of their grades in graduate school, and their curriculum vitae and bibliography of published papers and presentations at professional meetings. Scholarship Search