Better Business Bureau Students of Integrity Scholarship

January 12, 2025
Awards Available: 6

Scholarship Description

The Students of Integrity Scholarship, presented by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), is an opportunity for high school seniors who reside in the geographic area served by our BBB: the Greater Des Moines region, the Quad Cities region, and the Siouxland Region.

Evaluation Criteria:

• 50% Essay: In 1,000 words or less, write about one specific situation you have personally faced that required you to demonstrate an understanding of ethical decision making. What challenges did you face and what life lessons did you learn from your experience? Don’t just think about right and wrong in terms of legality. Think outside the box! Include your own personal definition of integrity. • 20% School Involvement: List your school-related activities and include your role and length of time you participated in each activity. School-related activities would include academic achievements and honors, sports, clubs, offices held and all other school sanctioned organizations. • 5% Future Plans and Transcripts: Describe how this scholarship will assist you in meeting your postsecondary education goals. What are your educational plans after high school? Upload a copy of your most recent transcript. Two recommendation (also 5% of evaluation criteria) must be uploaded, with only one being from school personnel.

Submission Process:

• Application: The nominated student submits an application, including a personal essay. • Judging: Applications are assessed based on leadership, community service, and the personal essay. • Winner Announcement: Successful applicants will be announced as scholarship recipients.


• Ethical Character: Recognize students who personify ethics through their actions and leadership. • Community Impact: Acknowledge contributions to community service and positive influence. • Scholarship Rewards: Winners receive recognition and support for their commitment to integrity.

The Students of Integrity Scholarship is not just a competition; it's a celebration of young leaders who embody ethical principles and contribute to the well-being of their communities. If you're a high school senior committed to making a positive impact, seize this opportunity to showcase your dedication to integrity and service. Scholarship Search