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Scholarship Description

The Bill of Rights Institute offers a multitude of resources and numerous opportunities to support students in the fields of history and civics. If you are a high school sophomore, junior, or senior passionate about government, civics, public policy, journalism, history, or economics, we invite you to apply for the Student Fellowship. This premier annual program gathers students nationwide in Washington, D.C., providing a platform for profound discussions on critical issues, interactions with scholars, policymakers, and thought leaders, visits to historically significant places, and much more.

Scholarship Details

  • Bill of Rights Institute Student Fellowship
  • Annual program in Washington, D.C.
  • Engage in deep discussions, interact with experts, and visit historical sites

Eligibility Criteria

  • Current high school sophomore, junior, or senior
  • Interest in government, civics, public policy, journalism, history, or economics

Application Process

  1. Visit the Bill of Rights Institute website
  2. Access the Student Fellowship application
  3. Submit required documents and information

The Bill of Rights Institute's Student Fellowship is a gateway to an enriching experience in Washington, D.C., shaping your perspectives on history, civics, and more. Apply now to take advantage of this incredible opportunity!

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