MPower Artist Grants

February 16, 2025
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

MPower Artist Grants are competitive scholarships designed to empower alumni of the Sphinx Competition, Sphinx Symphony, Sphinx Virtuosi, Sphinx Performance Academy, Sphinx Medals of Excellence, Sphinx LEAD, EXIGENCE, NAAS, and SOPA to achieve their career objectives in classical music. Artist Grants will range based upon the scope, need and nature of each competitive application. Grants may begin at $1,000 with an average award amount of $10,000.

The primary purpose of MPower Artist Grants is to empower artists’ careers. As such, competitive applications should clearly illustrate that impact; making the merit case for a particular project or its service to the community should play a secondary role. MPower does not generally focus on tuition for higher education/summer programs nor the purchase of new instruments, though they may be considered as exceptions. Scholarship Search